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    I like all things military, mainly WWII European theater. I started collecting US patches when I was 9 and found my Grandfathers collection of US patches. Collecting Military has been a rabid passion ever since.

    I run the Military Collectibles Shop near Milwaukee WI
    Currently working on a Book on the Home front Service Flags of WWI & WWII

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  1. That one has eluded most SS collectors in any form. Nice find!
  2. really a stunning piece- Your $400 was well spent!
  3. Found it as a footnote and bad pic in one of my books. Post WWII Russian.
  4. BonJour mes Amis- I am in need of an approximate value for a WWII Foreign Legion Good Conduct document issued in 1942. Thanks! Jerry
  5. the brass hammer (and removable pin) is for knocking out the wooden peg that holds the sword together, the tracing paper I think is for getting rubbings of the signatures on the tangs, the powder and the (clove?) oil is for the blade.
  6. Hey gang- I picked this one up, but it doesn't match up with the WW2 type oilcloth liner, does have 6 rivets, and has a leather chinstrap. Might not even be really Russian...(???) I am stumped. But I know you guys will know. Thanks! Jerry
  7. Thanks for the added information!
  8. One of my side collections is seeking out and collecting Movie Props and memorabilia from War movies, I get to display them in my shop and even the non military people we get in always seem to be drawn to them. so I was really excited to add this one to my collection. - from the recent award winning film "1917". Regardless of what people may think of the movie itself, I thought that they did a pretty good job on the "kit and clobber" interestingly the helmet is made of plastic, and I read that they made them 8% larger to make up for the visual size difference in people today vs. them. Hope y
  9. I had sent pics to one of my former exchange students, including 2 others he had. This was her response- My pleasure. First, They have all different meanings, but they are not political thing(not that important or serious). Actually, it is first time to see that kind of flags for me. Because they looks old and it is not used nowadays I think. So, I asked to my friends and parents about them. I’m sorry but we only can assume where that flags used for. But I’m pretty sure First two flags are just the name of social or local union. Each of them sounds as Min-Chung(민청) and Dae-duk-gun-hoi-duk
  10. I hope to have some pictures this weekend, but has any one ever seen a k98 bayonet with a raised spine? almost like a "^" The blade seems a tad thinner than the typical WW2 type, but with no Wa Markings or dates. No muzzle ring, so I am assuming it is German, but it didn't strike me as the WW1 era type - but maybe it is. Thanks! Jerry
  11. prices on these formerly "common" swords have been ticking up lately.
  12. Pretty sure that one is for a Spanish Mauser.
  13. The previews looked awesome and the reviews I had read seemed very positive. They said see it in the biggest and loudest theater you can. Interesting from a production stand point as well with the "single shot" method. I keep waiting for some props to show up...
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