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  1. Gents, I thought I would show a high ranking DDR Forestry (Forst) Uniform that was given to me as a gift from a fellow collector. The tunic is styled after the WWII Luftwaffe flight jackets with a concealed button front and shoulder boards showing rank with acorns instead of pips. This tailor made uniform came with his private purchase cap. The cap was made by Emhage who was the successor to the premier wartime cap maker Erel. The cap is Forestry green with dark green piping and an Officer chin strap. The sewn on insignia consists of an aluminum bullion Officer style wreath w
  2. SARGE


    That is all the fun of collecting. It gives me something specific to look for at shows and such.
  3. SARGE


    A very nice and complete outfit. The SA kepis are particularly hard to find in my experience.
  4. Sorry, I was unclear in what I was asking. Some ends of the Tresse tape for the cuffs were sewn into the seam of the sleeve. Some ends were sewn together by abutting the ends up against each other like most cuff titles. I was asking how the ends of your tapes were sewn in / together. Here is an odd example of a cuff title that was both sewn into a seam and also sewn together by butting them together on the back of the cuff.
  5. Proud Kraut, This is a very good example of a parade dress Waffenrock. Yes, all of the awards are worn correctly in this configuration. The Heer Long Service medal is fixed on a parade mount and worn on two horizontal loops. The KVK I with Swords is proper for the two vertical loops. And, the Heer Marksmanship award is worn on the button fixed underneath the right shoulder board and the cord is affixed to the 2nd button on the front of the tunic. The loops are made in the form that I normally see from good tailors and the full award (not the ribbon bar) are the way these award
  6. A very nice example of a tailor made Model 1936 Senior Sergeant tunic. The tailoring is excellent and the old style grayish Austro-Hungarian Empire style cloth really makes it stand out for walking out dress. Do the "piston rings" cuff tress fold into the French cuff seam and is there a tailor label?
  7. "ok here is the visor that came with tunic. has this set always been together? i do not think we could ever 100% say yes or no. i will post pay book next." Jeeplover, You have a nice NCO rank Pioneer Mutze but it does not match the Officer tunic so these would not have been worn together. The cap may match the Pionieer Soldbuch but the Soldbuch does not match the tunic. The soldier described in the book was a NCO with his highest rank of Sergeant not a 1st Lt. (Oberleutnant). So not a complete grouping it seems. I hope this is helpful.
  8. You are certainly welcome. Bear in mind that it is hard to judge stitching from a photograph while you have it in hand for a better view. As I said, I am rather ambivalent about the quality of the insignia stitching on your tunic. The tunic is obviously original but the quality of the sewing of the insignia does not say tailor applied to me. Perhaps others will chime in.
  9. Here is what I see on your Engineer 1st Lt. tunic. First, it is a factory made item of issue tunic with the proper matching insignia for an Oberleutnant of Pioneer. The collar tabs, shoulder boards, and breast eagle all appear to be made of uniformly dull aluminum subdued bullion as might be expected for a field tunic. From the stamped markings this tunic was manufactured/contracted and issued/purchased through the Hamburg Clothing Depot. From the style of the tunic it was made as an Officer tunic with fasteners for a white celluloid inner collar and a sword/dagger hanger and hanger slot
  10. OK, here is what I see on your Artillery 1st Lt. tunic. First, it is a tailor made private purchase tunic with the proper matching insignia for an Oberleutnant of Artillerie. The collar tabs, shoulder boards, and breast eagle are all uniformly hand sewn on the tunic. The stitching is not that precise with widely spaced angular stitches that can be seen from the front. It looks to me like the same hand may have sewn on all of the insignia. I am ambivalent about the quality of this stitching and when it might have been done. Sticking three pin back badges on the pocket by thrusting them t
  11. Yes, German Officers had a variety of places to obtain their uniforms. Sometimes, like officers in many other countries, new officers were given an initial issue and a yearly clothing allowance thereafter. The money amount was figured on a wear out period, say one year for socks and three for breeches. If officers had their own separate income they could buy what they wanted so really what they wore depended upon the size of their purse. Officers could go to a high end tailor or to a clothing depot to shop. There were a variety of Officer Associations that sold uniforms and effects cheapl
  12. I look forward to seeing your pix. Let's discuss some more information on this particular tunic. We know this is a pre-war Model 1936 Police tunic made on 20 April 1938 expressly for the Medical Doctor. It is per the then new 1936 Polizei regulations with this distinctive blue backed collar tabs made without colored Waffenfarbe in the middle of the bright Litzen. Also notice that the high closed collar is the earlier style made with three hooks instead of two as normally seen on wartime collars. The cuffs are also made in the Officer style with operational flaps but they do not
  13. The Heer Medical Doctor (Stabsarzt) tunic is a good example. I would expect this tailor made tunic to have hand sewn insignia. I would also expect it to have sewn-in shoulder boards. Since it was a bring-back by the current owner's relative it has provenance so the owner knows the breast eagle was not replaced. The only thing odd I see about the uniform is dual long service in the Army and the Police but this is entirely possible. Here is a named Schutzpolizei Medical Doctor (Oberarzt) tunic. Notice that the blue backed Police style collar tabs are machine sewn on. Not surp
  14. Thanks for the reply and questions jeeplover. I was not certain this topic had much interest. As to removable insignia this most often applies to bullion officer insignia. You will find some collar tabs with screw backs and some eagles with metal snaps for easy removal. This is not often seen but insignia collectors run across these "patches" from time to time. Some insignia was certainly tacked on but it is hard to say what the purpose was and when such insignia was applied. For instance, German Police uniforms are often found with poorly stitched sleeve eagles.
  15. I just found out that this same large sawback FW dagger, without the clam shell, is shown by Eickhorn as their catalog Nr, 743. I am still looking for the Alexander Coppel catalog number for this one.
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