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  1. This pair of candlesticks were made with parts of several different models of WKC swords. A backstrap from one model and a guard from another. A generic grip and some new unused and unwanted grip wire. These things become collectable in their own right and I bet some of our members have similar pieces in their own collections.
  2. Gents, Here is a set of matching sword candlesticks. These candlesticks were made up from original existing NOS (new old stock) parts during the Allied occupation in order to generate a little money or trade material for cigarettes or food. Since these were constructed from available existing parts they are sometimes "Frankenstein" swords and daggers that are still recognizable as German Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. edged weapons. This pair of candlesticks were made up as generic Wehrmacht swords. Newly unemployed sword makers started making these the day after the surrender was signed.
  3. SARGE


    Gents, Here is an older Japanese Short Sword (Wakizashi or WAK). These civilian swords are one of a pair, one long and one short, worn by Samurai in olden days. This one came back at the end of the war by way of a souvenir hunting US Soldier with some other edged weapons. Some he acquired were nice swords and some were not so good. This one has rather plain civilian mounts and a plain lacquered scabbard and a blade that it seems was cut down to be a WAK since it has two holes in the shortened tang. Missing a few bits and pieces but it is what it is.
  4. Moved to Canada section as requested. A very neat grouping BTW.
  5. Thanks for looking. I know that various State Customs and Border Control units (Zollschutz) used this double breasted style of tunic but I have not been able to find one that separates the plain (Glatt) button spacing into twos like this. Very subtle but very distinctive as well. Bavarians used metal leaf sprays in one or two styles on their Police and Customs uniform collars but it is now only possible to say they were metal collar devices there during time in use but are now missing. The search continues.
  6. I thought you might like it. 😉
  7. Gents, I thought I would put up a thread on the Rheinland-Pfalz Gendarmerie and Polizei. Here are tunics from both agencies showing orange piped shoulder boards for the rural Gendarmerie and green piped shoulder boards for the municipal Polizei. Both tunics were made in police green cloth but the German Police has switched back to blue uniforms in recent years so these are now obsolete. The Walther Polizei Pistol (PP) is in 7.65 mm and is property marked to the Rheinland-Pfalz police. The Geco ammunition is full metal jacket (FMJ) but many German Police agencies use lead bullets as well.
  8. After further research I may have found the answer for why this particular award document does not contain an actual signature. I found that HSSuPF Russland-Sud SS-Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Polizei Hans Prutzmann was listed as commanding a fighting force called Kampfgruppe Prutzmann after 18 March 1944 and the post of Higher SS and Police Leader Russland-Sud was vacant. HSSuPF Ukraine and Russia-Sud were dissolved by orders dated 18 March 1944 as these units were retreating under pressure from a Soviet offensive. In effect, the remains of HSSuPF Russland-Sud became Kampfgruppe Prutzmann as they withdrew. So, since the office was vacant these Staff award documents continued to be produced "in the field" (O.U.) but only indicated the award was made under the authority of "Der Hohere SS-und Polizeifuhrer Russland-Sud." by being typed in the document. Mystery solved it seems.
  9. I have heard that same opinion of originality expressed by others kammo-man. Movie props are not in my area of interest so I only repeated what he had said about them in conversation with others across the aisle. Just another good example that you should know what you are buying and you should buy the item and not the story.
  10. SARGE

    Beretta miniature

    A neat little pin fire. What caliber is it MiniArms?
  11. These appear to be enlisted man's shoulder boards for the Gross Deutschland Div. Infantry with the white piping. Perhaps others will comment on their exact time period.
  12. Gents, I have recently ferreted out some information on the possible meaning of the "KK" maker markings present on the guard of this sword. It is possible that the marking is related to, or indicates, Matsushita Kinzoku KK Kokura arsenal (National Denki). Although this "KK" marking is not their typical logo found on bayonets it seems plausible this may be the meaning of these markings. Any thoughts?
  13. This tunic is shown in the first illustration of the "Uniformarten Bekleidungsordnung Von 29 November 1983" as a figure A2 worn by a General Officer. It is listed as a Service class Uniform (Dienstuniform fur besondere Anlasse) in "Tabelle 1" to be worn with long trousers and without a belt. Notice in the photographs the two General Officers are wearing this tunic with long trousers of the standard green color with wide Lampassen stripes and no belt. They both are also wearing a white shirt with a grey tie. Also notice they are wearing their ribbon bars instead of a medal rack as required when wearing the Gessellschaftsuniform. Closeup shots of the badges. Notice the paper ribbons in the ribbon bar rack.
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