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  1. This was the window display. I am sure many of us who attended the Leavenworth shows will remember it.
  2. From the local club in Kansas City: KCMCC members: Club member and owner of Overlooked Antiques in Leavenworth, Jason Claire, who also runs the fall Leavenworth Military show, was robbed recently. As decoration in a large display window he had a WW II de-milled German MG-42 machinegun. It had been there since he opened the shop about 10 years ago. The window was smashed and the gun and a WW II non-decaled German steel helmet were stolen. Club members are alerted to be on the lookout as you go to shows, sales, etc. The helmet would be hard to ID, but
  3. Thanks Lars. It's a fascinating topic. Aside from the stories about the military, I find books about the everyday lives of German civilians under the Nazi regime to be interesting. It had to be a nightmare existence.
  4. The Japnese will use "romanji" or Roman / English lettering for decorative purposes, or if they working around Westerners.
  5. Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, direct descendant of Kaiser Wilhelm II, is locked in a legal battle for more than 10,000 family artifacts seized or lost after World War II. The case rests on one question: Did his ancestors help the Nazis? It turns out the answer is rather complicated. But it does not help if you have photos like these in your family album. https://www.cnn.com/style/article/hohenzollern-prince-georg-prussia/index.html
  6. Nice call, Bob. Here's a variation that was included in photos taken at the surrender at the Elbe. It looks like on this one the buttons have been replaced, which would not be surprising at the end of the war.
  7. I guessed my way through to 60%. Most definitely not my area of expertise!
  8. I think it is funny... from the drawing, the boy gets the whistle while the girl does not! So much for gender equality in the Worker's Paradise!
  9. It is an easy read, and it has a number of details to make it interesting for an adult reader, and even one who is familiar with the period. Above all, the absolute brutality that the Gestapo inflicted on these teens, often for minor infractions was horrific. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in the period. PS: This is one book where you want to ignore the cover. It is horribly inaccurate, showing the Luftwaffe bombing Cologne. That task was generally left to the RAF. Don't let that deter you from the book, it is worth the read.)
  10. This is the world described in the recently published Flowers in the Gutter: The True Story of the Edelweiss Pirates, Teenagers Who Resisted the Nazis, by K. R. Gaddy. It is written as a Young Adult book, a library classification meaning that the reading level is suitable for Junior High and High School students. Such books tend to be very straight forward, which is a good thing if you are learning about a new subject. In this case, it actually fills an overlooked niche in the history of the Third Reich. From what I can see from the books bibliography, very little
  11. Suppose you were born in Cologne, Germany in 1927. Your parents are not Nazis, but rather Socialists, Communists or another minority party. In 1937, at 10 years you do everything you can to avoid joining the Hitler Youth. They are boring and bossy, and do nothing but give orders and march around. Meanwhile your father has been roughed up by Nazis in the street, and your uncle has served time in a work camp for speaking against the regime. You prefer joining your friends in "wandering" the hills and forests near the city. Your friends all sing songs, enj
  12. Unusual to say the least... and very well sewn as well. Made for some purpose,but who knows what.
  13. Press photo showing a captured PT-76 in Cambodia. It must have been taken by surprise.
  14. Additional photos of ARVN personnel examining enemy weapons.
  15. I regret to say I do not have background information on these photos. As these are RVN naval personnel, I would imagine these were seized from a cargo ship that was trying to move arms along the coast.
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