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  1. I thought the same thing. Having lived in Germany, and having German heritage, I look at these photos and think "what a waste of youth, talent and manpower".
  2. Brig / Dirk: Thank you for your comments. There are tons of details in these photos. It would have been nice to of had a higher resolution set to work from, so we could enlarge some of this. The faces alone tell a thousand stories, let alone the equipment, gear and insignia. These photos are hopelessly out of sequence. I believe this holding area was on the other side of the bridge where the Americans held the ground. One thing that is very telling in this photo is you have a number of SS men all clustered together. That might be because they traveled as a unit or because they were segregated by their captors. If you notice in other photos, SS men were pulled from the group for the benefit of the photographers. You can also see that in the film clip that is attached. Keep in mind though that when the Allies were sorting things out, many of the soldiers and units that would have been captured by the Russians were turned over to the Red Army. I am sure that is when a lot of retribution took place. As for the individual who removed the insignia from his visor cap, he probably had other insignia that indicated who he was. Notice the way he is wearing his coat to hide his basic uniform. I have half a thought to redo this thread so that the photo sequence makes more sense. But thank you for looking.
  3. Please don't change the design per my comments. I am sure late in the war the designers would have opted for simple solutions. It was just a thought of how this would actually work.
  4. If you liked this one... the 2018 parade had a selection of historic uniforms starting around 8 minutes to 11:20. Around 18 min and later at 19:30, you will see historic vehicles.
  5. My only question about this beast is who changes out the magazines on the the 2 cm guns during a firefight? Sorry... it's still a terror that would have been ahead of its time!
  6. I am sure quite a few misbehaving GI's may have encountered this uniform! I remember reading a GI story about the night that him and his inebriated comrades were carrying on acting wild and crazy in front of the city hall in Baumholder. A jeep with four MP's came by and told them to knock it off, and they just hurled insults at them and carried on with their antics. Later, a lone Polezei walked up, with a submachine gun slung over his shoulder, and a very keen eyed German Shephard. After wishing the troops a "Good evening" he told them "I think you boys need to behave." Their response... "Yes sir. Thank you." And that was that.
  7. This year, 2020, would have marked the 75th Anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany and the end of World War II in Europe. The Russians certainly had a huge parade planned to mark the occasion, but this was set aside like everything else in the world in order to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. So offered instead is all of the pomp, circumstance and pageant of the next best thing, the 2019 Victory Day Parade. There are uniforms and medals galore. For those of you into vehicles, they start at about 12 minutes into the video, lead by a T-34 that rumbles down the street like it is still 1945. If you look closely, you will still see red hammer and sickle flags interspersed among the units. Purely for historical purposes, surely.
  8. Strange, but apparently true! https://www.statesville.com/why-are-hermann-goerings-pants-inside-a-western-n-c-jail/article_e5b540fb-34e2-528b-b60d-e58e74ee13f8.html?fbclid=IwAR34Tq4ua7qHJ5kcyz_FQmQOdOcUrnHOxO-907VWusR-gaT6Ld2g_qJlGYY
  9. If anybody could make this look good, it would be you with your skills. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
  10. A closer view... Feel free to discuss... has anyone ever seen one like this before?
  11. This photo came from a set that I posted in the TR Photos section about soldiers surrendering at the end of the war. The scene was later described as: "... taken at Tangermuende, Saxony-Anhalt, early may 1945. Elements of German 12th Army (Armee Wenck) and 9th Army escaped the Halbe pocket and tried to reach the western riverside of the Elbe. The partial destroyed Elbe bridge at Tangermuende was one of the few remaining opportunities to cross the river and get away from Russian war captivity. Finally these troops were captured by the 102nd U.S. Infantry Division." I cannot verify that the photos of discarded weapons, helmets and ammunition were from the same incident. The oddly painted helmet at the bottom of the photo stands out from rest.
  12. I went back to the source, combatcamera.be, and it had the following youtube video... What is a bit eerie is some of the footage in the video lines up exactly with some of the still photos in this thread. As far as I can tell, there is no sound track. And unfortunately, the watermark obscures some of the footage.
  13. Thank you Lars. I figured some one would be able to identify this event. I was in a hurry to transfer these over. If I get a chance, I may redo this thread and put them in a better order. What confused me was there are two bridges shown in the photos. The troops and formations are marching away from one (while still armed) and marching towards the other. It finally came to me that these were two different bridges. Thanks again. I will pass your identification along.
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