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  1. Sarge thank you for the excellent breakdown. I suspect the uniform was stripped when it was passed to the theater company of the vets name and any TR symbols, cuff title. This would allow the company to alter it to anything generic depending on the performance that called for a uniform. I just can’t see to many post war plays in Germany featuring TR themes. When it went back into the collector community the eagle and rank was probably reapplied. I think Straub was producing uniforms during the war as I found another on a online search several years ago. Strauss label does say “uniformen” so I
  2. Award loops. Looks like traces of a award loop below the EKI. Sleeve may have had a cuff title. I see traces of stitching. Adjutants aiguillette. Erel Sonder Klasse hat.
  3. Sarge here is one for you to examine....a 20+ year ruptured duck find with additions. Tunic out of a theatrical company. Looks like there were wings on the collar at one time...officer upgrade? Married collar? BSW pilots badge. Bronze day fighter clasp.
  4. Kevin thanks! I am trying to hold myself to just one. I remember in the 70's they were very pricey, but the market seems to have dropped off so I am glad I was able to get one within my budget.
  5. Thank you! I knew the bird had some history with the city, but did not know what type of bird it was. I have dabbled in Imperial so I hope this does not lead to starting another new collection
  6. A friend is down-sizing and I acquired this Regimental Stein from him. 120th Infantry (2nd Wurttemburg) garrisoned in Ulm. Along with the soldiers name and fellow reservists being hand painted, it also has some hand painted details to the lithopane.
  7. Wasn't Godet also a high end jeweler that also made awards and decorations?
  8. Brian very nice pick up!!!
  9. Brian fantastic! Hoping it works out! But I am no expert on these , so hopefully others will chime in. I see them on gunbroker, but this one came very cheap through my brother in law that I could not pass it up.
  10. Sarge I knew you would come through! A big thanks!! That fact that a artillery saber could end up in the hands of a Jager Zu is encouraging. I know the straw hat was worn only briefly by the Ost Asian Expeditionary Force before they switched hear gear in 1902 narrows it down for me.
  11. A bit of a jog into Imperial for me....trying to ID the Sword this man is carrying and ultimately his unit. Listed as a member of the Asiatic Expeditionary Corps and in pencil noted he is a Jager Zu Pferde, 1900-02. Sword looks to be an artillery model, vice one for the mounted squadrons....btw the saber knot was added in pencil at some point.
  12. Mike a big thanks for your kind words. The conservator was a long time artist for the Department of Defense, before he retired, doing a number of the Pentagon didpays. He was not cheap, but I trusted him to do it right. When I gave him the job he knew exactly what to do, and what backing to use, and told me why he was doing it the way he was going to frame it.
  13. Had this one for a number of years and had it framed professionally with UV Pexi. The conservator used fine threads to attach the flag to its backing. From what I was told of the translation: "Certain Victory Against the US and U.K. Enemy". The owner was Serigi Kawamura. Other lines include: "Good fortune in war." "Do your best for Japan", "Enhance national prestige" and of course there are a few family names on the flag. Sadly, although it came with a translation, the bring back story has been lost to time.
  14. Thanks Brian! My brother in law was able to get it very cheaply from a friend whose father bought it back. Like you a have a small Japanese collection.....now looking for a sword of some type
  15. Bill thank you as well! The liner is pretty pliable so I will look......but on my initial inspection the only marks I thought I saw on the pads was the name
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