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  1. I love stuff that has the original capture documents. NICE. Thanks for sharing .
  2. Legit captuerd flags are very cool. Nice one
  3. I too collect miltary postcards- you have some nice ones. Thanks for sharing
  4. my mistake- thanks for the explanation.
  5. maker: E.F. Weidmann Frankfurt A.M.
  6. nice helmet. What are the key elements to look for in a real one?
  7. I really appreciate it man thank you
  8. I apprecaite any help. I have also heard may be Czech WW2- but not sure bout that either
  9. you're welcome. Are you going to catalog any other tinnies? I have a few and would be happy to assist. ' dave
  10. Braune Weihnachts Messe Darmstadt 9-17 Dez 1933- can't find this one on the net/anyone with info please post a value or if this is a scarce one thanks
  11. this measures 33 mm from the tip of the wing to the wheel base.
  12. 1934 Aufmarsch der SA Brigade 48 (Dillenburg) in Marburg badge (9/10.June.1934)
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