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  1. irish

    Costume Bustina

    Neat.... you could see this worn in a movie with North Africa , Greece or Jugoslav settings. Some poor hapless Italian soldier just wanting to get back home to his family but unfortunately does not make it.
  2. Just seeing this thread for the first time. Great photo. Would love to see others .. thanks
  3. The private purchase piece is exceptional.
  4. Neither look right to me. Colors off on the 27th. The PWE has the ubiquitous black material covering to the reverse. Done primarily to prevent further scrutiny. The front does not look correct either. My vote would be to stay away.
  5. Thank you everyone for the assistance.
  6. Agreed nice pieces. Shoulder titles are an interesting collecting area. I have a number myself. Thanks for posting
  7. Thanks Scott, was nice to meet you also... Have thought a few more times about the steel lid we discussed at the show. Best Jack
  8. I thought for a moment he was holding her arm, wrong... That is her hand. As Scott said above a period photoshop.
  9. That is not his hand it is hers.
  10. Brian, I thought the same thing when first looking. She seems to be looking off at an odd angle. His hand on her arm makes it look plausible. Yes the backstory would be interesting
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