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  1. Thanks for the kind comments fellas.
  2. Thank you Tony... visited the website, quite nice and well laid out from what I could see. Best Jack
  3. Thanks for the response. I believe there would be interest in seeing other Rhodesian items. Does the museum have a website?
  4. Great collection of wings. I would like to add more to my collection. Just curious are you an ex-Rhodesian? You have good knowledge regarding these items.
  5. Thank you for that information regarding the flag. I will keep it with the flag. some additional Rhodesian items in my collection.
  6. thanks for the photo and I’d.
  7. After seeing some of the great Rhodesian collections posted here recently I was motivated to dig out my small collection. Many of the items I had purchased from an ex RLI member. these items are from the Royal Rhodesian Regiment except the brassard which was worn by British Troops during the transition of governments late in the war. there is a a more specific name for this group but it escapes me at the moment.
  8. Yes it is not Austria related. The patch is European Civil Affairs.
  9. Nothing too add of substance other than they are beautiful pieces.
  10. Nice piece. The Brits would wear the patch in pairs.. left and right sleeve. Had not seen the ribbon before. I believe the collar brass is for unassigned personnel. Looks as though he went to Austria following Norway....
  11. Thank you for the explanation. The photo you posted surely clears it up in my mind, the larger wing being worn. The smaller version for dress seems logical.
  12. I have always been a bit confused regarding the size of the wings. The wing was worn post war for a while. I have both a larger and smaller version of the wing. It was my understanding initially that the smaller version was WW2, however recently I have been told the Smaller wing is Post WW2 with the larger being WW2 vintage... thoughts
  13. irish

    Costume Bustina

    Neat.... you could see this worn in a movie with North Africa , Greece or Jugoslav settings. Some poor hapless Italian soldier just wanting to get back home to his family but unfortunately does not make it.
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