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    187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans) WW2-Present
    502nd Infantry Regiment (Berlin Brigade)
    Berlin Brigade History 1945-1994
    German and Italian POWs in El Paso, Texas in WW2

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  1. I would like to see some of the variations.. I may even have a few to post as well.. Leigh
  2. Great additional information patches.. Thank you for adding this Leigh
  3. This may not be the same type of camouflage, but I have this photo from a member of the 19th Panzer grenadier division on Sardinia with Italian camo.. Leigh
  4. Another pioneer in the field.. I always enjoy reading his dagger reference books.. I will look at them a little more now.. RIP Leigh
  5. @ warguy, Based on what I am seeing in the photos your Hewer scabbard is a Klass made example.. with the 2 lower screws.. If the blade has not been switched out with another scabbard there is a good chance it is also Klass... Leigh
  6. Bob, With the handguards removed on the metal slabs are the initials PDL present? There were only 2 known makers of the Red Cross enlisted Hewer, Klass and PDL and these makers were most common for placing hallmarks on the tangs with very distinct differences between the 2 makers. There is possibly a third maker, Eickhorn,, as a TR period printed booklet shows the Red Cross hewer among their catalog of products.. Have never seen one made by this firm yet... Had the scabbard come with your hewer and it had 2 screws in the lower portion of the scabbard it would have indi
  7. Thank you patches.. I saw the information on the WAF and WRF but never the article.. Leigh
  8. Here is an update.. I was able to find a Sardinian Shield in a mixed lot of insignia a few months ago on Ebay. It was a BIN for only $20.00 and I knew as soon as I saw it what it was... This was a cap badge that was given to members of the 90th PZGD. There was also a paper certificate for this badge. Leigh
  9. Gwar, I was looking through some more of my TR items and came across another Maker/hallmark.. This is actually in my son's collection of tinnies.. This one is maker marked REDO SAARLOUIS I didn't see this one in your database yet.. Leigh
  10. An interesting aspect of German Culture during the NSDAP era.. A unique Tinnie.. Thanks for showing and informing us. Leigh
  11. Thanks Jack.. I obtained this from a very close friend and long time collector who just recently passed away. His collection was absolutely stunning.. Leigh
  12. No problem, just at first quick glance I thought it may have been a Tinnie, but then looked closer at the writing on the card explaining it was a Messerschmitt 109 part.. Interesting pick-up... Leigh
  13. This is a 1938 Tinnie for the inauguration of the Saarpfalz-Saarbruken District Theater. There are also some commemorative postage stamps and post card covers for this theater. Leigh
  14. Why is this posted here in the Tinnie Section? You already posted it in the Aircraft section. Leigh
  15. How ironic.. I declined to go to class 55... I was ending my 3 year mobilization with the Army Reserves and I was getting ready to go back to my civilian job as a firefighter. I had been called up on September 12, 2001 the day after the attacks and the primary NCO that was slotted to go to class 55 got into trouble and was subsequently jailed. I was a stand-by secondary candidate and I also understood the implications of 3 more years of Active service upon graduation so I declined admission and retired with 22 years.. (10 Active 12 Reserve).. After I returned to the FD I was injured in th
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