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  1. Actually😄....... here it is translated... and thank you! The artillery regiment 43 was a heavy artillery regiment without regimental staff, although the planned establishment of a regimental staff was still carried out on April 1, 1938, but this was renamed to regimental staff of the 115 artillery regiment in November 1938. In 1938 a 7th (supplementary) battery was installed at the regiment. This 7th (supplementary) battery was used during mobilization to form the Artillery Regiment 268 The II. Division of Artillery Regiment 43 was also set up for the first time o
  2. Thank you for the information. G
  3. Hey guys, I could use some help with this stein. Was given to me but I have no history on it nor have been unable to identify it. It has no identifying makers mark on the bottom and the markings appear to be: II / A R 43 1939 1940 Polen Frank Reich I would love to hear your thoughts. Can anyone identify the unit? As always. Thank you J
  4. Thanks Rod. I was pretty certain of the caliber but was confused by when one of the guys nice enough to translate it referred to it as a Model 97 small trench mortar 81mm. Hence the question. Turns out there was more than one caliber mortar designated Model 97 by the Japanese.
  5. That picture looks more like it. Thanks again.
  6. Hey guys, Thank you for the translations. I do have one question. Does it say it's an 81mm anywhere? The reason I ask is that it is huge. An approximately 6.25 inch bore (smooth) and barrel length approximately 6 feet long ( it is almost 6 1/2 feet long with the cup installed). I am not sure of the weight but it is a 3 man job just to move the barrel. It also appears to have a lanyard type system for the firing setup. All leading me to believe it is likely a 150mm rather than the much smaller 81 or 90mm. I would be very open to opinions or thoughts G
  7. Hey guys, Looking for some help translating the words on this large bore (150mm) Japanese mortar. Thank you
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