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  1. Speaken sie Dutsch LOL Das Artillerie-Regiment 43 war ein schweres Artillerie-Regiment ohne Regimentsstab, wobei die geplante Aufstellung eines Regimentsstabes zum 1. April 1938 zwar noch durchgeführt wurde, dieser aber bereits im November 1938 zum Regimentsstab vom Artillerie-Regiment 115 umbenannt wurde. 1938 wurde beim Regiment eine 7. (Ergänzungs-) Batterie aufgestellt. Diese 7. (Ergänzungs-) Batterie wurde bei der Mobilmachung zur Bildung des Artillerie-Regiment 268 verwendet. Die II. Abteilung vom Artillerie-Regiment 43 wurde ebenfalls erstmals am 15. Oktober 1935
  2. "very zen like and meditative" I like that description.
  3. Here's some more examples in various cuts, these in Russia in 1944, the unit, the 24th Panzer Division, 24th Panzer Division was destroyed at Stalingrad, reformed in Normandy in April 1943, and shorty sent to Italy in like July 1943, its stationed in the north and does not enter into combat in the south, its sent to Russia mid October 1943 and those who had it took their Italian camouflage stuff with them.
  4. Yes something only or mostly local folks would know, they would know, his father worked there. Something similar in your reply on the Gebirgsjaeger Herman Viehhauser on the previous page, Baurensohn zu Oberpoint, Oberpoint will be known by the locals in this area. they'd be familiar with it. Herman Viehhauser. Oberpoint is most likely the name of the farmyard. Very common in Austria. I found one Oberpoint as a part/farmyard of the village Opponitz in Lower Austria.
  5. Thanks Lars, hmm could Brandhuber be the name of a farm, the farm owned by a local family in or near Oberhochstätt named Brandhuber?
  6. Another early was gef, a Gebirgsjäger, seeing where he is from, Oberhochstätt, which is in the Bavarian Alps, and where he was killed, Lemberg (Lvov)was probably in the 1st Mountain Division. 1st Mountain Division was in Army Group South and fought in Lemberg. His first name is Max by the way, ( Lars, Bitte, Was Bedeutet Brandhuberbauer?)
  7. There's an example of Copper Brown officers straps that are of a reddish shade. https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/heer-luftwaffe-kriegsmarine-uniforms-third-reich/recon-cavalry-any-comments-readings-recommended-733145-3/
  8. Would that one on the right be Copper Brown rather than Red, Perhaps in the Motorcycle Company of Schuetzen-Regiment 2, I only ask because I don't know where a member of a unit like this would wear Red Waffenfarbe of Artillery.
  9. A Panzer Späh Soldat, given he was gef in The Netherlands on the first day of the invasion of the west indicates the Austrian 9th Panzer Division's Aufklärungs-Regiment (Motorisiert) 9, it's 2nd or II Battalion, the II Battalion was the one that had Armored Cars. The 9th Panzer Division redesignated from the 4. Leichten Division (4th Light Division) and was in the German 18th Army, 18th Army goes into The Netherlands. Niedermeier was from Neumarkt-Sankt Veit in Upper Bavaria, and since this division, the 4th Light/9th Panzer Division was Austrian means that despite this it took in German other
  10. Maybe insignia for some kind of Guard Unit????? Presidential Guard unit?????
  11. Intersting, did not know the Mexican army also used the Adrian. Here's a page on them from Brendon's Helmets site, but as you'll see these are the M26 Models and have way diferent helmet plates like the French version. http://brendonshelmets.weebly.com/mexico-m26.html
  12. Posted this awhile back on USMF and thought it would be cool to add these here of these current French Soldiers in Horizon Blue, at I think the 2014 Bastille Day parade, a commemorative affair as well for the outbreak of the Great War, though in this case the Troops should be attired in Dark Blue, and Red pants, 1914 gear etc etc. Seems at least a couple Europeans do this a lot, I know the Russian had huge formations years back parading in WWII uniforms and gear in Moscow. Apart from very small units, like those Cav type units, we don't seem do do this, this huge outfitting of mass formations
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