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  1. No sorry I wouldn't know about prices.
  2. patches

    Costume Bustina

    Just found another candidate, while looking for M16/M18 German helmets used in WWII movies, I was redrected to images from the movie SAHARA, and it occurred to me that there was that Italian POW in it played by J Carrol Naish, so I went looking for him, and found these photos, so maybe it's this one here.
  3. Maybe one of the two mentioned at te bottom, under Historic Ships? https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Jean-François_de_Galaup,_comte_de_Lapérouse
  4. So far the only French Navy ship we found was a Bougainville class Sloop, La Perouse, but it was never laid down and was cancelled altogether on it because of the defeat of France
  5. patches

    Costume Bustina

    Whoahooo, I was reminded of the two Italian Soldiers caught by the platoon in A Walk in Sun right, they don't flee but essentially give themselves up, looked for a image to see what kind of headgear they were wearing, and found it, one of them is wearing a bustina with visor with the insignia on it, while one of them wears a bustina with visor with no insignia , wouldn't it be fantastic if it's the same exact cap we're seeing!
  6. Siegmund was killed not in Normandy but near the Pas de Calais, Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, note he's buried in St Pol, he was a Anti-Aircraft Gun Crewman,FLAK, perhaps killed in a allied air attack, he was a brewer at this place here in Bavaria. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scheyern_Abbey
  7. Here's another one, that crest, doesn't look like a L there https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-19th-century-bavarian-raupenhelme-cavalry-helmet-from-the-reign-of-mad-king-ludwig-ii?variant=30264488230981
  8. And will be the Helmwappen for a Bavarian Helmet,a Raupenhelm 1840s I guess till such a time Bavaria adopts the Picklehaube, the design is for King Ludwig.
  9. patches

    Costume Bustina

    Maybe it was used in an episode or two of The Rat Patrol
  10. Does anyone have a history of this unit the North Midlands District, I imagine it is a post WWII unit right.
  11. Here's one more view of the Robin Hood patch, its from the Imperial War Muesum's site, so I think we can't copy and save and post it, its a different printed version, and gives a shot of the rear of it. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/30072202
  12. Here's an example a WWII XXX Corps BD Jacket, the size of the patches as mentioned comparable to the American Shoulder Patch.
  13. They're all basically your average size like American patches, though there of course will be maker size differences, especially with the hand embroidered ones, but not overly small or oversized,. I think the only one that was uniformally small was the Guards Armored Division's All Seeing Eye Formation Sign. The Square ones size say comparable to the WWII American 2nd Service Command patch
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