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  1. Maybe it has something to to do with the Swiss National Redoubt???? DEFILE as in a narrow passage as between hills, rocks, or cliffs. A commemorative badge for service there????? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Redoubt_(Switzerland)
  2. Here's a great page on this badge. https://www.thirdreichmedals.com/sardinia.html And a topic over at WAF on the badge. http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1003698
  3. I think I seen one who built a diorama of Tamiya 1/35 scale Germans battling dinosaurs in the 80s, I think it might of been in a 80s issue of the American MILITARY MODELER Magazine, these one's here, or was it in a catolog, can't remember LOL, but it was quite a depature from the usual.
  4. Looks like a British net right, Rommel with a POW of the French 2nd Motorised Dragoon Regiment.
  5. With the commander you can use a Schirmuetze/ Alter Art, that's if you have one in your spare parts box, the crewman sitting in the turret hatch, perhaps a steel helmet, crews were issued them, later they weren't anymore, officially at least.
  6. Looks like Gold Wash remnants.
  7. I believe that's what it is, Pre War Czech Army, the Collar Badge for the Railway Regiment, one for the right collar, believe these and those like them for other units where made in opposing pairs. (Source Guido Rosignoli's Army Badges and Insignia of World War 2 Book 2 Macmillian Books, 1975)
  8. Great job ArtyScout. On the heads, were these separate heads? If so perhaps they can be removed and new heads with the sidecaps added?
  9. And the Schiffchen's were Field Grey ones during the Campaign in the West were they not?
  10. The numbers on the back are kinda confusing, we see 99-1902 and then 14-18, They all appear to be Senior Ranking Non Commissioned Officers wearing the Pike Grey Uniforms of 1910, so perhaps photo taken circa 1915 or so? but anyway, they may or may not be of a Cavalry Unit, the KuK Cavalry Wore very distinctive Uniforms in the beginning of the war, but I think as the war wore on just started to wear the standard uniforms, if not Cavalry they may be of any unit, as Senior NCOs carried swords, though not at the front, officers too, withdraw from front line use as early as September 1914
  11. Well if he was in Palestine and was Cavalry, (He may have been also in Salonika/Macedonia as they wore tropical uniforms as well), the only unit of cavalry as a rather small composite unit, called the Asia Corps Cavalry Squadron (Kavallerie-Eskadron Asienkorps)
  12. We see a Koenigsberg Prussia Photographer, curious as to why he would be posing in this Trop Uniform in Koenigsberg.
  13. Yes is is, guess it can be chalked up to the new format working it's way up.
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