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  1. It reminds me of some of the pre-WWI type French bayonets, but it's also different from the ones I am familiar with. But I'm FAR from any kind of expert on the subject. Good luck with an ID. Mikie
  2. I'm starting to put together a couple of Kriegsmarine themed Xmas present displays for some US Navy vet friends. First I'd like opinions on authenticity of these two patches. Second, despite my searches, I can't figure out if the KM had any kind of equivalent to the US Navy Dolphin badge. If so, please post a photo or reference. Thanks!!! Mikie
  3. Very interesting. I've never seen a large one like that. I and several others around here have hankie sized things like this with 6 alternating flags. We never came up with exactly what they were for. I believe my Uncle AJ said he got the one he gave me while serving in North Africa 1942-43. Mikie
  4. Looks like you hit a flea market home run. Congrats on a great find. Mikie
  5. Thanks. Glad you like them. Just let me know anytime you want to trade one of your books for one! Even trade, you won't have to pay any extra. Mikie
  6. Oh how wonderful! Thank you Rene! I've been hunting the internet for a few weeks and haven't come up with anything. Just in case you were wondering about how severe my madness is, here is my explanation... I have 2 US navy veteran friends who are also WWII buffs. I like to give them navy themed gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Well a while back I found these little gems and thought I could make a display for them. Hence the quest for German sailors doing laundry to use in a display. Thanks again! You are my hero! Mikie
  7. Rene, Remarkable not only that you found a book quite possibly signed by him, but to find 2 of them! Very cool! Hope this doesn't sound silly, but are there any pictures of sailors doing laundry or laundry hanging out to dry? If so please post them. Well, OK, after writing that, it's hard for that NOT to sound silly. But it's a way of life for me. Thanks! And hope all your goodie hunting goes as well as this one. Mikie
  8. Hi Rene. Wow! and Wow! Since my German is a little rusty, can you give me any info on the books? And what was the competition you mentioned? Mikie
  9. I've been looking into Iraqi equipment since you ID'd the belt. Not an area I am familiar with at all. It looks like they used an enormous variety of equipment from all over the place. They must have just bought whatever was for sale. Mind boggling. Mikie
  10. Yep, I saw you over on the USMF. Welcome to both. WMF is still young so hope you can help fill out up with stuff from your collection. Lots of really knowledgeable folks here that can help answer questions. Mikie
  11. Somebody on USMF says it is Iraqi. But I haven't been able to confirm it. Which brings up the possibility of it being some kind of euroclone or mideastclone? Thanks for looking. Mikie
  12. Yeah, and they usually sound a lot sexier in French! Mikie
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