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  1. Those have to be the flattest flat top haircuts I've ever seen! Mikie
  2. You are correct! These photos are fascinating for sure. Thanks for putting them up! Is that a camouflage helmet there at the bottom of the pile? I've never seen that pattern before. Mikie
  3. Hi Manny. Your tank is awesome! I'm enjoying watching your build. And yes, USMF is getting it's upgrade now. I've been going into withdrawal for most of the day. Mikie
  4. Beautiful work, Manny! keep the posts coming! Mikie
  5. Hi Rene. Hope you are on the mend. Nice belt. For some reason lots of wartime belts were not dated. I like to collect anything I find interesting, that I can afford, and that I have room for. Sometimes reading a book or seeing a movie will get my collecting juices flowing and i'll go hunt for related stuff. Absolutely no collecting discipline at all. Mikie
  6. My wild guess is some kind of trench art? Trench art is cool. Mikie
  7. As Spock would say, fascinating! https://www.npr.org/2020/02/21/808333569/study-finds-century-old-combat-helmet-superior-shield-against-brain-trauma
  8. Dad made some bracelets he made from metal a wrecked Japanese plane on Saipan, if I remember correctly. I asked him once what kind of plane it was. He said it was a Zero. All Japanese planes were Zeroes.
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