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  1. Yes its a M26 which is actually pre war but used through WWII. Scott
  2. Lots to look for. Basically your helmet conforms to the army style as it has a stamped dated liner which only the army did and it has a painted size marking, also only army. The liner leather pads however appear to be in the navy style as army's generally have a seam up the center. The liner band should be sewn on the back with two or three stitches. Two for navy, three for army. Split pins are generally but not always domed a bit for army and always flat for navy. I am going off the top of my head and have not collected Japanese in nearly 25 years... So, a great place to look is on the ghw2 f
  3. Yep I am sticking with navy. Perhaps the star was added later? The paint is not typical either, but it doesn't mean its not period done. Scott
  4. Looks like the fastener heads holding the liner in are flat and not domed? If so, and with that leather liner, I would think this helmet a navy not an army. The army did use leather liners very early but mostly pigskin. Just my two cents, and the fastener heads are hard to see in the pictures. Scott
  5. Well, since the others didn't claim it I will. Who could turn down such a nice free uniform! Scott
  6. This came in to the museum today! We are pretty excited as it came through the vets Son from another museum, so great provenance. The other museum didn't want any TR items so they had the Son contact us. So, while I don't personally own it, it was free and I think it further proves that great stuff is still in attics, basements and barns! Scott
  7. Pretty cool, thats the same way I got the t-shirt. The insignia was done through a ceremony after several missions and it involved the whole unit along with large amounts of an Albanian liquor called Raki. Scott
  8. Looks like an amazing place to explore and just enjoy the history! Of course the weather is an added bonus. Scott
  9. Thanks Scott, I wish I knew more about it... Scott
  10. None of the Albanians I was with wore a shoulder title. I did get a physical training shirt that is still in its original bag. Scott
  11. Thanks Leigh, its certainly a bit out of my realm of collecting, but since it was brought home by my Uncle, it has a home in my collection. Scott
  12. Yes, that is the hangar and I will try to get some pics for you. It is currently on exhibit and in a cabinet, so as I am re-working some things I will get it out so you can see close ups. Scott
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