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  1. Hi mndoss, Nice jacket but is almost certainly post 1952. If you notice the flat button is spaced closer to the 3rd button than #1 is to 2 and #2 is to #3. This is designed so the the flat button lies directly under the belt. Not 100% sure, I'd have to check, but I believe the RAF changed the button layout with the Pattern 1947 uniform design.
  2. Eric, A friend of a friend is married to a very nice young lady from China. I asked if she would be willing to translate some Chinese characters/writing for me. She was more than happy and gracious to do it. For the three characters on the inside lining, they translate best as "Foreigner Comes To China". The characters on the back of the jacket she said can be read two ways, it depends she said if its "old" Chinese, read backwards, or "new" Chinese. In one translation it is a name "Hung Yu" the other the translation is "Navigation".
  3. Eric, Nack, Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  4. Here is a private purchase Chinese Kuomintang marked leather flight jacket. I have had this jacket for quite a few years. As you can see the back has a winged Kuomintang sunburst and some Chinese characters below it. The interior lining also is marked in the body of the jacket with additional Chinese characters. I believe the white paint in the sunburst has been touched up, at some point, but the rest of the painting looks original and period. Again as I mentioned, I've had this a few years but have never had the Chinese characters translated. If anyone on the Forum can read Chinese I would appreciate your knowledge. As a guess I would think this jacket may have belonged to a 14th Air Force crewman or maybe even a Chinese or American with the CATF. Thoughts appreciated.
  5. Very nice! Looks great on the mannequin. I also collect movie memorabilia, not avidly but have picked up a few items when I've come across them. I have two RAF Battle dress (Suits Aircrew) from the 1942 movie "Eagle Squadron". A RAF P32 life vest from "Pearl Harbor", an HBT uniform costume from "The Great Raid" and a resin M1 Garand from "Saving Private Ryan". Would love to see more of your movie memorabilia collection.
  6. Hey Beast, Where is that gun located?
  7. Mtnman, Just absolutely beautiful insignia. I also have an affinity for the RAF Ferry/Transport Command. here is a link to one of my posting showing a Transport Command BD. Would love to see more of your Transport Command collection. http://www.worldmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/314286-raf-ferry-command-uniform-flying-jacket/ Thanks, Paul (aka Scarecrow)
  8. Hi ed101, Numbers 1,3.5 &6 Are British or Commonwealth nation. They are all post 1951 as they bear the St. Edwards Crown (commonly referred to as a "Queens Crown"). Not positive of their usage but #6 is an Air Observers brevet (wing). I don't know about #'s 2&4. Hope this helps some.
  9. Hey Beast, i also was a fan of the series. Well done and well acted. My wife was even a fan because of the nursing slant to the show. We were both disappointed when it was not renewed. It's always all about ratings.
  10. Hi Lars, Do you mean that specific one on that uniform? Or USA shoulder tabs in general on RCAF/RAF uniforms?
  11. Sarge, Great display! I have an affinity for visor caps, probably have close to 150 in my collection, so I especially like the dress blue one! What is the uniform with the roll collar and the patch pockets? Thanks for showing.
  12. Thanks sarge, but the blue walls and billoway clouds was my wife's idea (and painting skills).
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