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  1. Here is a really nice one I found in a storage unit auction several years ago that now hangs on my wall. Complete with its leather frog. They are interesting pieces. Checkered grip on obverse, smooth on reverse. Kind of like the RAD hewer, made for use and they are difficult to find in nice condition. I remember standing for hours on an unseasonably warm November day for the chance to bid. When the hammer came down at $150, the sunburn was worth it.
  2. Dirk, you are a man of many mysteries. From a fellow USMC/Luftwaffe collector, let me say what a wonderful little grouping this is. I have always appreciated the DAK LW material in particular. Thank you for sharing. Kevin
  3. You have some nice pieces. I love the regimental steins from WWI, and personally think they are under valued. I have 9 in my own collection. With 50, if they ever come on their own, you will be sitting on a gold mine. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
  4. Garage sales. I think those unknowing souls who hit garage sales or estate sales jump on these if one is offered for sale thinking they hit the jackpot.
  5. This is a fascinating post, cant wait to see more. Thanks!
  6. Bob I saw this on the US forum, while I can’t offer any help, I absolutely love this piece. Soooo cool. Kevin
  7. Really nice pieces Bob. I have never seen the solider stamp. Kevin
  8. There are tons of these flags out there, but I must say yours is one of the nicest I have seen. I love it even without the photo but the photograph and ID of the Marine who brought it home, as well as the ID of the Japanese soldier who carried it is just fantastic. Congratulations on a very nice historic artifact there. Kevin
  9. Need more and better pictures, but looks real to me. All of the gilt is gone as is the wire wrap on the grip. It is a German Army Officers sword and I don’t think there are a lot of fakes running around as they are pretty plentiful and not all that expensive. If real in that condition and no scabbard from what I can make out I would think $75 or so.
  10. Welcome from a fellow Arizonan
  11. Now that is a gorgeous piece of history. Thanks for sharing!
  12. That is incredible! He has some true modeling skills. The secret lives of British rock stars. I remember being equally shocked when I found that Phil Collins had the largest Alamo collection in private hands in the world.
  13. That is a good one! Looks in. Ice condition too. Would like to find one like that someday. Kevin
  14. Yes it is officers but whether it was issued officer or upgraded is a better question. Seeing the inside and the maker would help. There was supposedly only one maker that issued the piping from the factory from what I have read, and if I recall correctly, they would indeed have a single stitch below the piping. It has been a while since I studied that though and my memory is not always the best so feel free to correct me. A lot of fakes or fiddled with out there when it comes to these. I am not saying this is one of those, just need to see more to make a good assessment. Kevin
  15. Never have figured out why these aren’t more popular with collectors....the steins included. I love them personally and they look great on a shelf. Very nice flask, thanks for sharing. Kevin
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