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  1. This set of boards were worn by a Colonel of the White Russian Army who escaped to Cyprus in 1920.Why do they have the star and half moon on them.Thanks for your time and your answer.Scotty
  2. Thank you for your Time and Knowledge. Scotty
  3. Thank you for your Time and Knowledge. Scotty
  4. Is there anyone who can tell me who was awarded Golden Party Badge 66996.It is the small size and was made by Jos Fuess Munchen.Thanks for your help.Scotty
  5. Jerry no wonder it looks familiar thanks for your help.Mr. Bill
  6. Is this a town logo or a factory logo.I have seen it somewhere but can not remember what it is.thanks for looking and your input.Scotty
  7. Not a hint of green it isv on deep blue cloth.Scotty
  8. I have owned many many of this units SSI.Why does this one have a blue background and not the normal green background.Thanks for looking and your thoughts.Scotty
  9. It looks to me like a Joint Mountain Training exercise with USSF guys and Spanish special OPs guys .Sarrio in Spanish is a Pyrenean Mountain Goat the upper emblem and the one in the center in green and blue is probably a depiction or crest or emblem of the Mountain region where it was held.Just my thoughts on your post.PS A Neat piece of history.Scotty
  10. Just saw this post Everything about that Beautiful Sword is Art Work at it's highest form.Thank You for posting it for us to enjoy.Scotty
  11. After seeing the quality of the fittings on the Dagger Hsin C listed I think the one I have is fake.The cross guard as stated is sand cast the scabbard looks funky and nothing looks of any good quality.Thanks everyone for another lesson in collectibles.Scotty
  12. Eric thanks no wonder I couldn't find it.Thank You again.Bill
  13. I need help I can not figure out what country used this wing.Thanks for your time and your comments.Scotty
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