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  1. I saw this at an antique mall today and the badges didn’t look correct to me. Is this even a Mexican Adrian or did someone just stick some extra insignia into the holes?
  2. Photo of the same model gun in the Estrella Battery.
  3. Scarecrow, This is in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Jefferson Street. This is the dedication plaque:
  4. This gun was captured at Santiago del Cuba being part of the seacoast defenses. I believe this is one of the 12 cm rifled guns as compared to one of the 21 cm howitzers. If any of you Red Legs can confirm or correct me, I'd appreciate it!
  5. Kaydees, I would also recommend the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus. Great display of uniforms, flags, original ships that were recovered from the local waterways. https://www.portcolumbus.org/
  6. I don't think it is necessarily a military banner, I believe it is an award banner. Hopefully someone who reads Russian better than I will chime in, but in your first photo the top line (loosely) translates to "Work in The USSR" and then goes on to say "there is work with honor; work with fame, work with valor and heroism." The second photo reads "Rotating banner/ for prominent display/ fulfillment of plan / in (can't read the word) competition.
  7. I was flipping through channels Sunday night and ran across this TV drama being shown on public television. From our friends at Wikipedia, it was a BBC production and released in 2015. It only ran for one season. "The Crimson Field is a British period drama television series that was broadcast beginning on BBC One on 6 April 2014. The series shows the lives of medics and the patients at a fictional field hospital in France during the First World War." I've seen two episodes so far and am disappointed that additional seasons weren't released. https://www.pbs.org/show/crimson-field
  8. Thanks Eric for your response. That makes a lot of sense. Now it would be nice to know why and how an enlisted Airman has these autographs.
  9. I posted this on USMF recently. This came from a group of souvenirs that was brought home by a US Soldier who served in the CBI. It's a Japanese postcard, but it has writing that I believe are Chinese signatures. I would appreciate any help in translating or identifying those who signed the card.
  10. Thanks for adding the photo of the patch in use!
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