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  1. Is this patch , Iraqi Police? It came with some 42nd MP Brigade patches. Birds of a feather?
  2. Flea market find. Tag said WW2 Japanese, but another collector I know said it could be later. Input please?
  3. Well, thats good to know. However, I just sold it on ebay as an unknown mixed lot
  4. Pictures are a little dark, but, sure looks like it.
  5. Well that matches the image posted on Wikipedia. Is there any value in it? Jacket and pants.
  6. It is a circle inside a circle. I put the photo up on eBay. I’m listed under the same handle as I am here
  7. Saw this in an antique store, from the picture posted I thought it was a Nurses cape as the pic just showed the top/shoulders hanging in a rack. Got there and it was a full uniform. Anchor buttons with crossed rifles, so I am taking a stab and thinking Naval Infantry. They have it marked as a band uniform. Clearly this is from another country. BUT ... what country. Your help is appreciated.
  8. Found this neat photo of a P-51. There appears to a C-47 behind it and a C-54 in the background. Am thinking it now belongs to a South American Country. Argentina? Tail # 476156 There is another winged logo below the canopy, but it is pretty faint in the photo. Possible ID what country it flew for?
  9. Any one recognize these bullion crowns??
  10. Looks like it could be buttoned or tied. ID please?
  11. Small sleeve chevron. I had a similar one that was ID'd as Russian. Don't know about this one.
  12. I have this piece of a crest. Anyone recognize what it is or what part it is from?
  13. I've seen this posted and wondered what country of origin and what time frame it would be?
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