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  1. Those were the days for sure! PVON
  2. Set up times are: Saturday from 0930 until 1930. I want to be locking the door and heading to my car at 1931. Sunday 0630 until 0900. As most of you know the museum is open for it's regular hours on Saturday. Anyone who pays a regular admission can come in and browse. All of that admission money goes to the museum since it's not an official show day. But I don't discourage anyone from supporting the museum and you guys by shopping early so feel free to wheel and deal. Vendors and their helpers will not be charged admission. We will be using the corner entrance doors, the small garage door and the big hangar door to load in and out. Please don't use the main public entrance that goes through the gift shop. There's a door on the same side thirty feet to the west that will be open. Feel free to park near a door and unload. But please move your car once you have your stuff out so someone else can get in. Below is the vendor list. If your name is on it then you're good to go. If it's not and it should be then either I screwed up or you assumed instead of pre-registering. Generally it's I screwed up, but cut me some slack I have CRS. Either way get a hold of me and we'll figure it out. Please feel free to ask any questions. I may or may not have an answer (CRS)... If you're getting this email by mistake let me know and I'll take you off the list. Last but not least, I bid you all safe travels. Scott
  3. Hi collectors! The Oct 27 show is here next week! Sat set up! Thats like another day of action! Don't miss this show! Ray and I with 3 tables next to Ed Sunday! PVON
  4. pvon

    Helmet camo cover!

    Yes I know! I put it on forum for collectors to talk about! Real ones are never found in my collecting days! And was hoping someone would talk about them! Maybe some one has a real one! and will show it! Thanks for taking notice! PVON
  5. pvon

    Red Fez!

    more pics to show PVON
  6. Kevin Thanks for looking! Member sent this pic of inside PVON
  7. flag looks like Rail Rd collar tabs single luft tabs
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