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  1. Howdy all - This is well out of my wheelhouse, so I was hoping for some help please. It appears to be devoid of any markings. Do you think it is original? Thank you
  2. Thank you Rich, very helpful.
  3. I agree completely. As I understand it, and this has been hashed on several forums, only the original photographer has legal right to an image. Even transfer to a lineal family member is murky (read, not automatic maybe?) when they pass. All of that armchair legal nonsense aside, why does it matter? People are so worried that somebody might reuse an image, and I don’t understand it. Ironically, I suspect these same folks enjoy the fruits of other people*s Internet images. If it is about preserving history, post your images as additions to the collective reference. If it is about you,
  4. Very interesting. I know next to nothing about these, other than visually identifying them. Can you say a little more about them, such as who used them, and specifically the relevance of the two types you posted? Thank you.
  5. Thank you for posting this. It is an Army model M35, which looks to be field over-painted - hence the subdued decal. Picture angle might be tricking my eye a bit, but I would suspect it is a size 62 from the shape of the dome.
  6. Thank you both very much. I thought it may be Italian, as it looks similar to what this gentleman is wearing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Amedeo,_Duke_of_Aosta
  7. Hello everyone. I am confused by this one, as it appears to be maybe imperial Italian (?), but then has what looks like US JAG insignia on it. Does anybody have any idea what this may be? Thank you.
  8. Selling on eB@y for around $50, with liner. So yours, in that condition, with no liner? $20 - 25 maybe.
  9. I don’t see any issues with it. The one photo is of the back of the helmet, opposite where the star would be. You can actually see the two rivets holding the stud for the chinstrap split ring. The one shot from the top, you can see a line where it looks like light is hitting the top of the star (not sure). What it is worth, is what somebody will pay. I would personally tap out at around $600 +/-.
  10. I agree with Eric - little value in the badge. The value is in the case.
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