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    Military Patches, Unit Insignia, Cap Badges, and Small WWII items.

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  1. Fantastic. The look is certainly worth your effort. Great job.
  2. Great work Lars. I am glad you chose the meditative path. For model builders, all these virus shutdowns give us a great, guilt free excuse to spend time working on models.
  3. Good luck with that. Repetitive work like that can be very zen like and meditative. Or, it can get thrown at the wall. I’ll look forward to seeing your progress.
  4. This has been lying in the box for years. Real or Repro? thanks
  5. Great kit. I look forward to watching it come to life.
  6. I got these years ago in a group of things that I bought from a US veteran of North Africa. Are these German? thanks Dennis
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks for the second opinion
  8. Those are great photos Leigh, the camo does look similar.
  9. I noticed the boots, does that indicate he is a Mountain Trooper?
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