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  1. That is in nice condition, that's a great piece, thanks for posting it.
  2. It could be British made. During the war Britain made US musette bags, map cases, canteen covers and other US web gear.
  3. Looks good to me. You are making good progress.
  4. Nice paint, well done.
  5. This is wonderfully weird, I like it a lot. You've done a great job, the paint and weathering is perfect. I am looking forward to seeing the diorama. Great work Lars.
  6. That's looking real good Manny! You did a fantastic job with the building.
  7. That's a great looking model. The paint job is excellent.
  8. This great. The Goliaths are a nice touch and look perfectly functional. You're making great progress.
  9. Nice edit Manny. They look great.
  10. Great work as usual Manny. You did a terrific job with those tracks and that "100 year old" Motorcycle. I am glad this site is back, it's good to watch you and Lars at work. Wonderful modeling and painting skills. D
  11. This is fascinating. Thanks for posting the photos and info on the airbrush. That's a well organized work space you have.
  12. Looking forward to following your progress. The He 111 is a great looking aircraft.
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