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  1. Those are great photos Leigh, the camo does look similar.
  2. I noticed the boots, does that indicate he is a Mountain Trooper?
  3. Hi Lars, Thanks, it looked pretty unusual to me.
  4. Some more ribbons for identification. Any help would be appreciated. I know the blue and white one is the UN Korean War medal.
  5. The Australian badges in my meager collection. Any ideas on the ages of these badges? I am guessing that the badges with "Commonwealth" are older the older badges. There are no maker marks that i can find. Thanks Dennis
  6. Can any of you Gents tell me the meaning of these badges. The silver 1940 pin has to do with "Soldier's Christmas" and the Gold 1918 badge is for the Soldiers and their families. Were these pins issued by the Swiss Government as a commemoration of service, or are they like German tinnies, given out for donating money to aid Soldiers? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks Dennis
  7. I was surfing the net looking for reference photos and I happened across this photo. What kind of camouflage uniform is this guy wearing? Is this an Italian uniform. I couldn't find a caption or location on this photo, but judging by the building in the background it looks like it might be Northern Italy late in the war. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting photo. Dennis
  8. Well Done Manny. That's really great work.
  9. A friend of mine found this at the flea market. Its small about an inch from top to bottom. Can any of you guys ID this? Is it a tinnie kind of thing? Is it even a real TR piece or just some fantasy piece? Thanks Dennis
  10. That is in nice condition, that's a great piece, thanks for posting it.
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