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  1. Its my understanding that this is the only Afghan aviation unit trained in night flight ops?
  2. Pretty cool! I've had this small stick pin since I was a kid. Has to be still wartime, as the swastikas are present. I assume that this represents Iron Cross second and first class, plus wound badge.
  3. Greeting! I collected as a kid. When my father came back from Vietnam he brought me a helmet. We moved overseas to Belgium, and one of the guys he served with collected helmets. This guy gave me an old rusted WW2 German helmet and an old French helmet. I was bitten by the bug, and started to collect what I could over there. I spent my weekly allowance at the nearby town of Mons, at the Sunday morning flea market. Back to the U.S. I picked up WW2 items at swap meets. Then high school happened, followed by the Army, and I really fell out of the hobby. I swapped uniform item
  4. A few more of my Gulf War stuff displayed in my man cave, with one of the uniforms, helmet and gear I wore over there. The map was the one I put together and used to plot enemy positions. I briefed off of this to the 2nd Battalion (5th Special Forces Group) Commander, and the individual Special Forces detachments. I made it so that I could easily fold it up and toss it in my vehicle when we moved. I still have the desert tan gortex 5th SF Group was issued back in the 1980's. They let us keep it, as it wasn't U.S. government issue at the time.
  5. As an Intelligence Sergeant at Special Operations Task Force - Central, I was in Baghdad, and moved around south of there into Shia area. I managed to pick up several nice Iraqi leather holster, which I've go displayed in my 'man cave.' These holsters are mounted on a wall, beside one of the uniforms, helmet, and other items I wore while in Iraq (the M4 is an airsoft I hung up for display). I literally dug this old green helmet out of a pile of dirt and manure at an Iraqi farm outside Baghdad. Cleaned it as best I could, and now it hangs on my wall. Looks sort of like the old S
  6. I was an Intelligence Sergeant in 5th Special Forces most of my career, and served in 5th Special Forces Group 1986 to 1997, then again 2005 to 2008. I was in the First Gulf War, Somalia and Iraq War with 2nd Battalion, 5th SF Group. During the Gulf War I accompanied the Egyptian ground forces into Kuwait during the ground invasion. I managed to pick up a number of items while pushing through Kuwait. I gave quite a lot of items away - to family and friends, as well as to strangers with whom I had corresponded with in "To Any Service Member" mail. Here are just a few
  7. I got these from an old Army buddy who worked as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan after he retired.
  8. I'm right there with you! I started collecting as a kid - about 13 or so - when my father was stationed in Belgium. I spent my weekly allowance at the Mons flea market each Sunday morning. I bought mostly old helmets. One morning I had in my hands a WW2 German Fallschirjager helmet ............ and I didn't buy it. Because it had been painted pink and purple and used after the war as a motorcycle helmet.
  9. I was fortunate enough to have stopped at a random estate sale in Nashville three years ago, just as the were preparing to shut down for good. I got hold of several WW2 uniforms very inexpensively. This uniform had me stumped, however. I bought it for $15 and took it home to try and figure out just the hell the square patch was on the left arm. The patch on the right is American Civil Affairs in Europe. Also I wasn't sure what the dark blue bit of ribbon was affixed directly to this American Major's jacket. I had originally thought that perhaps this bit of dark blue
  10. The vintage militaria I collect is packed away. I've got so many different items from WW1 through Vietnam that I'd have no place to even attempt to display. Rather instead, I've adorned my 'man cave' with things special to me from the 28 years I was in uniform. My father was also career Army, and so I lived my life on and around military installations. Elementary school in Germany, middle school in Belgium, two different high schools, etc At age 17 my folks signed the waiver to enlist in the Army Reserve. I was in the 11th grade, and did my basic training at Ft Dix,
  11. Some really nice stuff there! I brought home tons of captured stuff when I returned from the Gulf War. I ended up giving a lot of it away to friends and family, as well as strangers who had written "To Any Serviceman" letters. I've got some of my bring back stuff displayed in my 'man cave,' and still some stored away.
  12. As a teen I was into building military models. Age 12 or so I was into WW2 aircraft. I'd build and paint them, and my father would hang them from my bedroom ceiling. By age 15 or so I was into 1/35 scale tanks - primarily WW2 German and Soviet. I built dioramas, trying to be creative in how I did the ground and foliage. This was in the 1970's, and so there weren't really a lot of materials out there for military diorama building, apart from items sold for custom railroad builders. I usually gave these models away, and being the young kid that I was, others I destroyed with fir
  13. I found this among a bunch of items I had packed away. I picked this up a few years ago at the flea market.
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