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  1. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I was able to pick this up for a very fair price so it is now a shelf queen in the collection. I will take better pics soon but I did partially strip it down and clean it lightly with gun oil and a soft cloth rag. Also removed the grips and rubbed them lightly with wood oil as well. In doing so, to my delight, I discovered that all the SN do match, including the inside of the grips and the magazine. Bonus on that! Again, thanks for the help and input and am glad to have one as a representative piece in my collection.
  2. Have a chance to pick this up......thoughts? Is the condition bad, or were these not blued like the early production models? This is a Nagoya Arsenal, 2nd series, July 1944 production date. Thoughts on this rig?
  3. Dirk, as fate would have it I had a coworker call me today and tell me he has a Type 14 that he will sell me. Hope to get some pics so I can get an idea of what to offer as the only time I really see these are at gun shows. Don't pay too much attention most of the time to Gunbroker or other online auction sites. He thinks it is a late 1944 production date and is in "fair" shape but no holster. It was his uncle's bring back and unfortunately I have nothing else right now to go on. Will post pics later when I get them for your opinion.
  4. Great pistol. I really like these Nambu pistols but have yet to find one at a decent price that was in nice shape. Would love to add on to my small Japanese collection someday.
  5. Absolutely stunning finds and great additions John. Everything in this 12 SS grouping is in great shape and you are right about that being a tough cuff title to find.....just a super sweet group and worth some serious $$$!!!!
  6. Just a couple more.....no visible marking on the inside of the helmet at all.
  7. No clue what it is, or even where I got it? Smooth exterior finish, larger than a British Brody helmet......can someone help me ID this one too please?
  8. I believe that this may be a post WWII Spanish helmet in the German design, but am not sure and need to get an ID and rough value as I desperately need to move some of the "random stuff" that has found it's way into my collection over the years to free up some space. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. BrianD

    Soviet era medals

    Here are the pins. All this stuff looks like it could have been made for a flea market or something?
  10. BrianD

    Soviet era medals

    are they even real?
  11. Wife found these at a yard sale today and picked them up for me. Don't think they are real because there were a bunch of badges with these as well. I can show them here as well if anyone is interested? I know zero about any USSR/Russian items so help would be great!
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