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  1. I know there is a lot of debate about how Facebook has banned the showing of certain symbols, and recently I found myself in violation of "community standards" for simply sharing a link to a story I wrote for The National Interest on how Germany could have won WWII. It was curious that an article could violate community standards, so I wrote a follow-up piece for Forbes.com: On Facebook, History Can Violate Community Standards https://www.forbes.com/sites/petersuciu/2020/05/22/on-facebook-history-can-violate-community-standards/ I spoke with academic experts, tech analysts that cover social media and a Facebook groups moderator to discuss this topic. I wanted to share as I thought some collectors might find this an interesting read. I of course have shared it on Facebook, so let's see if this story also violates community standards!
  2. As I do I do put in the miles hitting a lot of shows each year, I wanted to share my recent article on the best shows for guns and antique arms. I hope this might be of interest: https://www.range365.com/gun-collecting-hitting-right-shows-to-find-treasure/
  3. I'm excited to announce that my new book: "A Gallery of Military Headdress" is now available! This 140 page book features more than two dozen articles on military hats, helmets and other headgear from around the world. This publication also includes more than 200 color photographs as well as period prints and illustrations. Info on the book: A Gallery of Military Headdress includes original articles from noted authors Peter Suciu, Stuart Bates, Benny Bough, Clive Law, and Pedro Soares Branco. Topics include the development of the French Adrian helmet, the history of Communist Bloc helmets, British Bearskin caps, the British Home Service Helmet, Scottish headdress, the origin and evolution of spiked helmets, military conical hats and much more. The book is available this week for the pre-order price of $20.00 US. Email [email protected] to order a copy.
  4. Here is one item I truly never expected to find. This is an Ellwood & Sons "Roman Air Tube" helmet, which was produced just circa the Indian Mutiny. This was the original pattern of British military sun helmet. These were worn in Indian Mutiny, and then in the Taiping Rebellion in China - where the Chinese took to calling the British "Hats" because of the large sun helmets.
  5. My colleagues and I have completed the manuscript for our upcoming book A Gallery of Military Headdress. It will be 135 pages with more than 200 color photos and will cover more than two dozen topics related to hats, helmets and other military headgear from around the world. We have an early January release date. Preorders are available now for $20 plus shipping. Copies will also be available at the OVMS Show of Shows I Louisville in February and the Baltimore Antique Arms Show in March.
  6. Hello, I'm Peter Suciu - a collector of military headdress, small arms and basically anything else my wife allows me to buy. I regularly attend Show Of Shows, MAX, Baltimore Antique Arms Show, Michigan Antique Arms Show, Gettysburg Civil War Show, Ohio Civil War Show, Toronto Military Show and many other shows. I've been collecting helmets since my great uncle took me to a show in Lansing, Michigan and gave me a British MkII in 1981. I now have 500+ helmets and way too much other stuff. I am a full time freelance reporter/journalist and I'm also the author a few books. I look forward to contributing to this forum.
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