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  1. Anyone recognize this cloth paratrooper wing. It has zig zag stitching around the perimeter edging that you see on Rhodesian paratroooper wings but this does not look Rhodesian. It has a little age to it maybe 1960s. The design itself is similar to a British paratrooper wing that was copied by many of the commonwealth countries. The color combination I have seen on a couple of Belgium paratrooper wings so it might be an early Belgium paratrooper wing. Any ideas?
  2. I was going through some photographs I've purchased over the years at flea markets and came across this one which was unusual in that it came out of Northern California. This officer is identified as Siegfried Goldschmidt who was educated in England and served with the Netherlands Army in the Dutch East Indies prior to WW2 and during the war was some sort of intelligence officer as he spoke Dutch, German and English. I believe the three stars on his collar in front of a propeller indicates he was an Air Force Captain and the wings on his chest are those of an observer.
  3. I got this at the flea market over 20 years ago and the person I got it from told me that the gentleman he got it from was Chinese who was probably in his 80s or 90s. The Chinese gentleman told the seller that he flew with the Flying Tigers. No one has ever been able to identity this patch. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
  4. Another reproduction manufactured by the same folks
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. So those making these reproductions are now using a similar backing cloth as the originals.
  6. Here is the back of an original Vietnam War era HA(L)-3 patch which has the same tight weave off tan colored backing material.
  7. I've never come across a LDDN patch made this way so it is probably a copy. My question is does anybody know where these types of patches are being manufactured? The use of the off tan colored tight weave backing material that you see on original Vietnam War era patches is very convincing and troubling for us collectors.
  8. Here are photos of a current SAS wing which was distressed by means unknown to make it look like a WW2 era SAS wing. Yon can see the white thread I was taking about that is atop the wings which was removed on the fake piece.
  9. I thought I would add this warning to this thread after someone on eBay just bought a fake WW2 SAS wing from someone in the UK for $190.18. This is the third one that I have come across so far and they are always being offered from someone in the UK. These aren't reproductions as they are outright fakes. They are meant to deceive collectors. They take a 1980s or later genuine SAS wing and then distress the material in a number of different ways to make you believe it is an older WW2 era piece. I don't know how they do it but my guess is that they remove the backing material and put the whole thing in boiling water to shrink it and they pull the wings outward to remove a lot of the up-swept look. With the below pictured fake wing they removed the top white thread atop the wings and somehow lightened the black threads dividing the feathering.
  10. Original Italian paratrooper wings.
  11. I put this on the US Forum and members identified it as Romanian (communist era) ammo pouch (see links). http://www.rollanet.org/~stacyw/romanian_m44-sks_sling.htm http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/337639-unknown-possibly-early-leather-ammo-pouch-find-at-flea-market/
  12. Thanks for you response and I will post this on the US Forum to see if anyone recognizes it.
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