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  1. Thanks Sarge. That's good info. Much appreciated.
  2. Can I get member's opinions on this set of shoulder boards which came with a number of other German war souvenirs at an estate sale. I believe they may be for an SS Obersturmfuhrer engineer officer. The backing is black. I appreciate any input. Thanks!
  3. This is the box that came with it but not sure if it is the correct one.
  4. Eric, I appreciate your input. It isn't a large badge, only about 1 1/4" across and does look a lot like the kendo badges but with a star incorporated. Here's as good of shots as I can get with my camera. Hopefully it's clear enough to read.
  5. Thank you Bob. I'll give Eric a shout
  6. Any ideas about this badge? Not sure if its a veteran's piece or a qualification badge.
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