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  1. Im no expert but I'm pretty sure it is british.
  2. All, I hope your day is going well. I was doing some shopping at a local antique mall and noticed this odd bayonet. I am no expert on bayonets so I am unsure which model/country/time period it is from but I'm assuming it is WW1? Potential Uruguayan base on some basic research? Any opinions and comments are appreciate, thanks in advance! Nick K
  3. Thanks again for the detailed responses, why would there be british medals in afghanistan?
  4. Thanks for the response! What would fall into the rare/unique category when looking for Afghan militaria?
  5. All, I started doing some research on militaria from Afghanistan. With the current conflict in the region I figured it might be a good conversation to have. I've seen royal afghan helmets from the region and communist medals but that is about it. Also pricing items from the region is difficult. Websites I've seen Afghan militaria from is as follows: https://www.collectrussia.com/ShowCat.htm?Cat=Afghan https://floydsmedals.com/ I know this post is ambiguous but I am relying on member feedback to help drive this conversation. What have you seen come out of the region? Are the pri
  6. As per Sarge and Wharfmaster's posts I definitely think it's french. Maybe it was a gift from a frenchman to an american? I'm sure there weren't many french ww1 vets immigrating to central missouri.(thats where i found it) - Nick K
  7. Gwb123, Thanks for the advice. - Nick K
  8. Also I tried to pull the top off and it is on there pretty well. Judging based on how light it is, it might not be a ink well.
  9. Thanks for the advice! Ill try to gently pull the top off when i get home. Also do you think its from WW1?
  10. Thanks for the advice! Also do you recommend any books to learn more about picklehaubes?
  11. All, Ive had this picklehaube offered to me for $900 but my knowledge is limited. What do yall think about it? - Nick K
  12. Thats interesting, did you unscrew the top? Also is it american or german?
  13. No the top does not come off. - Nick K
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