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  1. The Florida Military Collectors Show at Renningers Antique Market will be 11 July 2020 assuming that we are all still here. This is an open air show, there is a cement floor and a roof but no walls so you won't be in a confined space with a lot of people. Admission and parking are free. As of right now the show is on but given the current state of affairs that could change so make plans to attend but check before you leave to make sure. I will post any updates as they happen and let you know right before the show that it is still on. Hope to see everyone there. Almost forgot the address is 20651 US Highway 441 Mount Dora FL 32757 and the hours are 9:00AM to 4:00PM.
  2. I was going strictly from the buttons if you google Austrian navy buttons you will find several pictures, mostly of the WWI buttons with an anchor and crown inside an O (for Osterreich, Austria in German). When Austria became a republic after WWI the crown was removed. So I would assume this uniform was used some time between WWI and the German take over at the beginning of WWII. This is probably a fairly rare uniform since Austria is a land locked nation they were never a major sea power and were on the losing side in WWI they could not have had much of a navy at all. I would not rule out that it was used by the merchant marine. This style of jacket was popular in Europe before WWII as a dress uniform I have not seen them used after the war but they may have been brought back as a ceremonial uniform or something, it would require more research.
  3. The buttons are Austrian post monarchy period.
  4. If it is a Union Jack then the center of the flag is on the side of the coffin and not the top which dose not make sense. Plus I don't think you would have a full turn out, in formation, of the whole garrison plus the civilian population for the burial of a POW. I don't think you would have civilians showing up for a downed airman as civilians hated airman as they were the ones dropping bombs on them or if in an occupied area they would be afraid to show public support for the enemy of the occupier. It may be some sort of town flag or personal emblem for a local big wig which would also count for the large turn out.
  5. It sounds like it could be Spanish. They used a copy of the German bayonet but they were usually a little lighter and cruder.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation, always good to hear someone likes the show. Thought I would add a little more information. The next show is 11 January 2020 at Renningers Antique Market 20651 US Highway 441 Mount Dora FL 32757, the hours are 9:00AM to 4:00PM. Hope to see everyone there.
  7. These were sold in surplus stores a few years ago. The fact that they are marked Made in Israel tells you they were made fr export.
  8. Not sure about there hat but everything else is Italian.
  9. qed4

    Unknown canteen

    Cold War era Soviet
  10. it is the British Sussex and Surrey District, Southern Eastern Command but the book I have shows the black wolf in an oval rather than a diamond don't know if that means anything, the wolf and the colors are the same.
  11. The bayonet on the left is an Italian Model 1891 Carcano from WWII (the tag is wrong). The one on the right is for an FN FAL Type C, these were export bayonets used by several different countries you should be able to figure out which country used it but it will take some research. I can't tell what the socket bayonet is in the center from the one picture but the locking ring is missing.
  12. Are you sure it is a booby trap, it looks more like water container to me.
  13. The three on the right are East German, not West, police officer candidate for two and three year (number of bars) students. While referred to as officer candidates it works more like our ROTC. Also the top two are subdued and the bottom one is for the dress uniform.
  14. The Florida Military Collectors Show will be 13 July 2019 at Renningers Antique Market 20651 US High Way 441 Mount Dora FL 32757. Hours are 9:00AM to 4:00PM and admission and parking, as always, are free. Hope to see everyone there.
  15. It is rather hard to tell since the flaming bomb is used so universally but from the size and way it fastens it could be a chevrac (saddle blanket insignia) for a US mounted ordnance officer. Staff officers used their branch insignia while line officers used their unit number and letter.
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