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    Chinese Medals

    Some medals I assume were awarded to CBI US servicemen. I bought these from US sources, mostly eBay. Two of these I posted from the first post above.
  2. Your welcome. I tried to look it up on both google and chinese search engines, but couldn't find much. But my Chinese is limited so I had to do a lot of google translate lol. It is maybe a gift in return for a donation of money? Or maybe something given as a give for the Americans being here, but it is kind of small for that. Do you still have the pin? Another thing to add, I think these seem to be made out of silver. I have one and it has tarnish and kind of has that high pitch ding like silver.
  3. That is a Friends of China pin. V for victory and has the year 1946. On the reverse shows 北平市各界敬贈。I am not to sure what some of it means. 北平市,means Peking. The other part is probably some organization. There is some reunion piece that has the same pin, but with a 2002 added on below it. I think it was some China Marine reunion? I can't remember right now. I collect Chinese medals, the ROC national medals don't really have a cross. Ever since Chinese medals were first awarded, they were heavily influenced by European medals. I don't recall one using a maltese cross, but I wouldn't be surprised if some local warlord in the 1920s or some province or city medal may have used it. There were some Christians back then, even Chiang was a Methodist himself.
  4. Hsin C.


    ROC flags of the period tend to have a side sleeve so that a stick or tube would go into it. Not sure about strings. If it has a grommet, it is mostly likely made in the US. The sleeves are still used on ROC flags in Taiwan. I have seen the poly flags with it over there. Officially, it should be a 2/3 ratio. Most didn't follow it or were close to it. If it is more 3x5, it would be probably US made. Sometimes it can be easy to tell if it is WWII or post war. Like the shape of the sun, pointy rays. Once on Taiwan, I think the flags were more constant in shape and size. But not easy at times, since a 1950s flag can be easily sold as WWII period.
  5. I have seen these dadao swords with the same markings over the last couple years while collecting Chinese items. I don't recall seeing it coming from Chinese fake sword sellers, but I am not sure if its real either. 中國工農紅軍 第十八陸軍
  6. Wow! very nice collection of photos. Rare indeed.
  7. It is the Inner Mongolia National Foundation Merit Medal. Neat how it is very close to the Army Reserve ribbon in style.
  8. Did he get it from the officer like that or was it put together? Because the ribbons are not in order and are just mixed up randomly.
  9. I am not too sure. I have seen some CAI (Chinese Army in India) patches, and I don't know if its original or not. Construction of it looks nice, probably are originals from what I can remember. The only way to know is to find pictures of soldiers wearing these patches.
  10. The blood chit.. there are many websites that can give the translation for it as it is a commonly found item.
  11. The top says Expedition - Air Force 遠征空軍 Bottom says 中國 China 駐印 Stationed Looking up 中國駐印, it gives the Chinese Expeditionary forces (中國駐印軍)in the CBI. Seems, the person who gave you the translation is off somewhat maybe? READS BACKWARDS FROM RIGHT TO LEFT, IN ESSENCE, HERE IS WHAT IT SAYS... TOP ROW - CHARACTERS ON WHITE: CHINESE AIR FORCE, FAR AWAY CONQUERORS - LOWER PORTION, ON BLACK LOWER SECTION OF THE PATCH: "SENT TO INDIA - FROM CHINESE NATIONALIST PARTY"...
  12. It is a copy of an original. I don't think I have seen the Nationalists referred their army as the KMT army (國民黨軍)。 Only the CCP would do that. Plus, the writing is simplified which was never adapted by the ROC and they still use traditional text.
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