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  1. Nice medals, ribbons are authentic too, IMO.
  2. Nice group. At least an authentic German ribbon made it on there! Robert
  3. Most impressive, thanks for sharing!
  4. An absolutely fantastic collection. How do you, or do you display these? If you do, I’d LOVE to see!
  5. Just the weave on the ribbon alone is enough that I would stay away. Rob
  6. Looks reichspost to me. Very nice! Rob
  7. Very nice! The case appears rather interesting as well. Did it come with the grouping?
  8. A very historic and stunning collection! Thank you for posting these.
  9. A marvelous collection of clasps! I’d love to start collecting these.
  10. Wow! It’s completely amazing you have these! It’s truly wonderful the grouping has stayed together.
  11. Paul, Thank you for the detailed pictures and info of your GL uniforms. Long ago I ended up with a GL shoulder board Ive always enjoyed. However, until yesterday I hadnt seen much GL insignia to compare it too, let alone some complete tunics. Thanks again!
  12. Wow, such an amazing piece. I’d kill to have that in my collection! Thanks for sharing it.
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