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    We have rescue cats, and I especially love Tortie cats! My special baby was a tortie named Avis, who we were blessed to have for 8 1/2 wonderful years!

    My Interests:
    WWII History (French Resistance, Airplanes, the Kiska Campaign and more!), Genealogy, Drawing pencil portraits, hand-sewing, and more!

    French Resistance medals, patches, pins, etc. (Only have a few)
    -M1943 Swiss Officer's Dagger
    -USN Diver/SCUBA diver pins and patches (Actually, interested in foreign military Diver pins or patches, too)
    -Philippine Defense and Philippine Liberation Medals
    -B-17 and B-24D Load Adjusters

    I am just getting into doing displays, and so far have done two commemorating two Uncles who served. I really like the QMC and the AAC. I like wing badges (particulary aerial gunner wings), WWI PFC patches (the round wool felt ones), and anything to do with SCUBA diving. I really want to try my hand at painting a leather patch (like the WWII bomber jacket patches) and would like to try making my own bullion patch.

    I am a Christian, was homeschooled all the way, and am planning on being a wife and mother when the time comes! I live in the semi-country in mid-Ohio with my Mom, Dad, and twin sister.

    Right now I am on a limited budget, but am really enjoying getting to know the different wing varieties and decide what I would like to collect.

    I also don't mind helping out with researching! I have ancestry world and several other things. No problem helping out when you have a name that stumps you! Also, if you want some big researching projects, I am open to trading for some small military items (like ribbons or patches or mini medals or pins for displays, etc.). Feel free to send me a message!

    My newest hobby --- embroidering my own military patches! That's hand embroidering - no machine at all! So far I've done eight. If you are interested in having me custom make an embroidered patch for you, feel free to send me a PM! It all depends on the design and detail of each patch. I'm open to trades or pay!

    We really like classic WWII films, and have seen so many! Right now I am compiling a list of the WWII films we've seen. Favorites include "Edge of Darkness" (1943), "Air Force" (1943), "Sink the Bismark!", "The Longest Day", "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison", "Objective, Burma", etc.

    Latest WWII books I've read:
    "On the Bottom" by Commander Ellsberg. About the raising of S-51.
    "At All Costs" by Sam Moses. About the SS Ohio and the convoy to Malta.
    "The Sledge Patrol" by David Howarth. About Greenland during WWII and the Greenland and American defense of the uninhabited side of the nation.

    Favorite WWII book: "Soldiers of Darkness" by David Schoenbrun.



    -USAAC/AAF Snoopy Tool
    -USAAC Flight Wrench
    -M1943 Swiss Officer's Dagger
    -C-1 vest USN/USAAF Survival pocket knife
    -TA-1 Field Phone set
    -UK France & Germany Star
    -UK Arctic Star medal
    -WWII Norwegian Participation Medal
    -Soviet Navy Cap Badge (gold, c.1990 era)
    -Soviet Submarine Badge (gold side-view of sub, c. 1990 era)
    -mini Legion d'Honneur
    -mini Croix de Guerre
    -French WWII Commemorative medal
    -French WWII/postWWII Legion d'Honneur
    -UK Crimea medal (original, w/ or w/o ribbon and up to the four army clasps)
    -WWII-era Expert badge with Bayonet bar
    -WWII-era Marksman badge with Rifle bar
    -Royal Scots Greys collar device
    -UK Military Cross
    -French WWII Order of Liberation Medal
    -French WWII Rhin & Moselle Resistance medal
    -French WWII Volunteer Combattants Cross Medal
    -French WWII FFI badges or patches of any sort
    -Anything to do with French Resistance, as I am always looking!
    -Pre-Castro Cuba stuff (like bring-backs from guys there, or the Cuban Pacification medal, etc.)
    -Diver knives
    -WWII-postWWII German Occupation MP stuff
    -WWII Flight Engineer wings
    -WWII Load Adjusters (Bomber slide rules), particularly B-17 and B-24D!
    -1909 Bolo Knife
    -Would love to have a variety of assorted ribbons
    -Would love to have rank pins of assorted ranks
    -WWI QMC Collar Device
    -Any QMC collar devices (officer or enlisted) or QMC rank patches
    -WWII Armoured Corps Officer collar devices
    -WWI Wool Overseas Cap
    - "Juarez" Pilot Wings
    -any US or foreign diver pins or patches (I have a subdued 1st Class diver pin and a silver Salvage Diver pin))
    -WWI PFC patches (the round ones, where the branch emblem is embroidered or sewn in the center. Just love these and would like to find different ones. I have a cook/baker, QMC, Infantry, Chemical, Ordinance, Tank, Coxswain, Wagoner)
    -1 3/8" Aircrew wings from WWII era
    -Philippine Insurrection Campaign Medal (full-size)
    -Philippine Defense Medal (full-size)
    -Philippine Liberation Medal (full-size)
    -US Silver Life Saving Medal (Any era)
    -Antarctic Service medal (full size with "Wintered Over" bar)
    -Antarctic Service medal lapel button and/or ribbon with WO device
    -USN Arctic Service ribbon
    -Any aerial gunner wings, any size
    -US Antarctic Expedition Medal
    -WWII-era Glider Badge
    -Glider Pilot Wings
    -Glider and Para-Glider patches (the round ones with a glider and/or parachute on it)
    -WWII Nurse collar device
    -Army of Cuban Occupation medal
    -Army of Cuban Pacification medal
    -2" or 3" WWII-era navigator or observer wings
    - USAAC Qualification Badge (the one that looks like you are looking into the nose of a four-prop engine, and you hang bars from the bottom, i.e. "AP Mechanic")
    - WWI Victory Medals (any country, any shape, with/without ribbon)
    - WWI Victory Medal Bars
    - "Coffee Brewing" manual
    -MP armband
    -MP collar devices (enlisted and/or officer)
    -Dog tag from vet whose address was Belle Center, Ohio
    -Army Service Forces Patch
    -Coast Guard Patch (like the CG emblem, generic)
    -CWO2 pins
    -CPharmWO2 USCG pin
    -WWI-WWII bayonet
    -MP night sticks/billy clubs
    -USS Dallas Patch
    -USCG pin (where it is the USCG emblem)
    -Arctic tab patch
    -USCG Surfman Badge
    -Manhatten Project Patch
    -Early style USCG Commendation Medal
    -Old style US Coast Guard hat device
    -USCG shield and caduseus lower sleeve patch (1950s-60s era, pref.)
    -USCG Chief Petty Officer Hat device
    -USCG Chief Hospital Corpsman rank sleeve patch

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  1. Haven't found anything with those tassles yet, though. Maybe someone will see this who knows about the Baltic area!
  2. As far as the look of the one on the right . . . here is someone's interesting photo group - https://www.tumblr.com/search/doughboy uniforms They have this to say about Lithuanian uniforms around 1920 -
  3. Well, those collar points (or whatever the technical term for them is) on the one on the left match the Lithuanian idea. Take a look at this photo from this link, which was ID'd as Lithuanian: Same as this 1930 Lithuanian soldier:
  4. Playing around in the new look, so thought I would create a new topic and review a movie. The Dam Busters (1955) Starring Richard Todd, Michael Redgrave, Ursula Jeans, and Basil Sydney. The story of Operation Chastise and the dropping of the bouncing bombs. This is a fabulous story, a fabulous film and very well acted! Richard Todd is great as WC Gibson and Michael Redgrave as Barnes Wallis. Don't want to spoil too much of it, as it is one of those movies that has you on the edge of your seat! Really, really worth watching if you are interested in the raid, or British bombers or the bouncing bombs, or any of the actors! All-in-all, totally worth the time! The bomb's development is so fascinating! The DVD from the "British War Collection" set is an excellent restoration and features the original uncensored version in widescreen.
  5. Well, those are barracks in the back. US Army uniforms. Looks more like 1930s-WWII-era uniforms to me. However, someone will know more! I bet someone is going to be able to ID the patch on teh left shoulder of the guy on the right. The guy on the left is wearing an Army enlisted cap device.
  6. That's super cool! Imagine finding this box at a sale. I would never guess. Looks like the cleaning kit of a musical instrument!
  7. A 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Officer's Dress sword, made from 1796-1821. Assuming that this sword and the sword in my previous topic (Celtic-Hilted Heavy Cavalry Sword) would have belonged to an officer in the heavy cavalry 1814-1821 (Horse Guards, Life Guards, Dragoon Guards, 1st - 6th Dragoons). There are family members that served in the right regiments, but a couple of decades after these patterns were superseded. Would they have used these pattern swords at all? We are assuming they were just collected, as the years don't match the service years. Any thoughts are of interest!
  8. It is a "celtic-hilted" heavy cavalry officer's sword made around 1815-1821. They are usually associated with officer's of the 4th Dragoons. These normally had a rare form of blade called a quill-point. This sword has a maker's cartouche on the scabbard which may help to date the sword. Unfortunately, can't really make it out. There is no family member who fits the service that this sword probably was for. Any thoughts are welcome, if you have more to add or anything to say about this sword! We are assuming it must have been collected by the family and not actually used by one of them in service.
  9. Another sword from the family Sis is an archivist for. While filled with men who served in a variety of forces and positions, there were none who held the rank of General. A Colonel, yes, but not higher. Someone told Sis that the crossed sword and baton emblem on this sword denotes the rank of General, so shouldn't have been used by a Colonel, unless he bought it in anticipation of a further jump up the ladder that never happened? Any thoughts are welcome! Again, the only pictures we have. This sword is sadly on a mount above a high door in an entryway.
  10. Another sword from Sis' files! Again, from a Cornish family. this is a sword that belonged to a Lord Lieutenant of Ireland or his aide. Is this a court sword or a military dress sword? Or both? Not sure, but thought I would post and share and that maybe someone on here will know more about it! sorry for the lousy photos, but that's all we have!
  11. The HMS has a motto - Qui Tangit Frangitur "Who touches me is broken" Where would you see this? Patch? Pennant? Something? Thanks for any thoughts! Elizabeth
  12. Hi! Any thoughts on this medal? I know absolutely nothing about these, but would love to have one. I have a chance at this one, as it might be possible in my budget. However, I'd love opinions on era. It looks really nice, and I'm not even against a restrike,but even those from the PAris mint are over my budget! Any thoughts on this one are appreciated! Elizabeth
  13. Putting images online does present a lot of issues, and having them reposted is a hazard that 100% of the time will happen. However, the other side of the story is that if you don't make the images available, especially ones that are cool . . . they will remain lost to the future and enough of that makes the interest die until noone is interested at all and the pictures will be lost for good. I've been through the same thing myself, and there is no total answer. I don't think copyrighting is the answer, though. If you want to publish them in a book . . . that is one thing. If you want to post them online --- take the good with the bad and let people use them! Just my 2 cents!
  14. How very interesting! wish I knew something about Aussie stuff. That three-piece thing is very intriguing!
  15. Can't help ID, but super cool looking! Can't wait to see what you have, once someone who knows posts -grin- Super cool items!
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