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  1. Interesting thread, Thanks for posting it. BKW
  2. Very Good, Thank-you for you informative response! Much appreciated! Best Regards, BKW
  3. Thanks for your comments, yes, a fuzzy feel to it. Best Regards, BKW
  4. Good looking helmet. BKW
  5. Here is a field cap in the collection of a museum I’m associated with. It appears to be made from some type of paper material. I haven’t been able to identify the insignia; it doesn’t appear to be Civil Defense. Maybe a school? The paper chin strap is broken and missing, the buttons are plane green metal. I’ve included a shot of the paper label, I hope someone can tell us what this interesting cap is. It was a souvenir of a US Navy CB who did serve in Japan after the war. As you can see, this material is very fragile; I doubt many have survived these past 75 years. Thanks for looking and for any information. BKW
  6. Here is a Navy field cap in the collection of a museum I’m associated with. I think it is a very nice example. I haven’t noticed an example like this with a blue anchor on a white background on a green cap. I would be happy to learn the significands of this combination. Was the green cap only for ground based Navy sailors? Thanks for looking and for any information. BKW
  7. Much more eye catching than a room full of plastic totes! Very Nice! Thanks for posting. BKW
  8. Second what Matt said. You just made a lot of Japanese rifle collectors extremely jealous! I suspect that the Mum is defaced (on the top of the receiver bridge) do the serial numbers of both halves match? Your uncle either had a good eye or was just very lucky to pick that rifle, worth many times more than the average Type 99! Great family item, Thanks for posting. BKW
  9. Hello Iron Bender, It is hand painted, sorry that photo is a bit blurry. Thanks for looking, BKW
  10. Thanks for all the great comments. Very glad you enjoyed seeing this display. BKW
  11. Glad you enjoyed seeing it, thanks for your comments. Part of the appeal of things like this is that this artifact, while silent, still speak loudly of the time it was used. I wonder who the wearer was, what became of him. No doubt, an "interesting" time to have lived in Germany. I also wonder how it come to be in the states. I speculate it was brought home after WW II as a souvenir. Regards, BKW
  12. Thanks for your comments, glad you liked seeing it. BKW
  13. I picked this up at a small estate auction sale about 20 years ago. At the time, from information gleaned from the family of the estate, I thought it was a veteran ID WW I souvenir. Later research disproved this theory, as the tricolor shield was apparently not used in the WW I era. It also has different chin straps from WW I examples. The helmet was likely brought home as a WW II Souvenir. While it is not a highly collected German helmet, it is still a great condition helmet from a turbulent period in history that eventually gave us WW II. It is stamped on the inner left side, “G.62”. and on the liner it appears to be marked, “H. Stuckle” and “Sc?nor?er”, possibly, “Scinorner”, not very clear. Thanks for looking, comments welcome! BKW
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