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  1. Thanks Jerry! I saw that documentary as well! I thought it was very well put together. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Looks like a reproduction to me.
  3. Crappy molding and a faint makers stamp, I'd say its a fake one.
  4. Wow, that's a great helmet Dirk! The vet provenance makes it even better 👍
  5. Cool short clip of a Hitlerjugend cufftitle being awarded: d71cf8db15a76e36bda0f40c232d6cba.mp4
  6. Hi everyone, here's my latest addition to my collection, a 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend Cufftitle. Shes not in perfect shape (trimmed & glued into a scrapbook?) but shes an original example of a rare cufftitle so I'm still super thrilled to own it. I hope my pics do it justice and I hope everyone enjoys seeing it! -John
  7. And the other foreign award Fritz Witt has is the Order of the Star of Romania.
  8. Its certainly interesting. The LSSAH did spend time in Bulgaria so maybe that's when they obtained it? I believe the theory is that if a German soldier served alongside foreign troops, the foreign officers could recommend them for their own medals. There are soldiers outside the SS that were awarded Bulgarian medals. Here is a Wehrmacht soldier with the Bulgarian Cross of Bravery, II Class.
  9. Bulgarian Bravery Order, 4th Class (1st Grade)
  10. The bidder that won it has 0 feedback, also a lot of other bidders had 0 feedback. I wonder if they actually pay up.
  11. I believe your badge is an original B.H. Mayer. I own one of these as well and I believe this maker had a die flaw in the eagles left wing.I put a red square around my badge of where the flaw is located (looks like a little line). I believe I see it on your badge as well. I'm not a badge collector but I hope this helps. -John
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