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  1. Thanks Bob A lesson learned cheers Phill
  2. Hi Team May I have opinions on the two Beer cans. Im not tosure with whats comming out of modern Vietnam these days. much appreciated in advance cheers Phill
  3. Hi Pk Would this have been made post unification c 1990 Phill
  4. Hi PK The dimensions are Width 5cm and length 7cm. Where would this has been placed ie Shoulder and the dates of 1957 to 1994 . I did come across this what would be the translation? Much appreciated Phill
  5. Hi friends Looking for ID on this patch Its embroidered on cotton cloth with grey backing cloth. cheers Phill
  6. Hi friends There are 3 spiral bound volumes in this series Identifying Iraqi militaria. Bob is a member of ASMIC and as with all ASMIC authors is extremely informative and detailed. As collectors start to develop interest into Iraqi militaria, translations become important to identify what the insignia means. Bob can be contacted bmissling@yahoo.com The following sample from book 1 Phill
  7. Thanks Startasfan Its 1970's 80's Central Region Command Phill
  8. Hi friends Can you advise on when this was worn or issued. It is small. This came from a collection 1960--1980's. cheers Phill
  9. Hi all Large WWII CPC patch for use on Athletic jacket. Phill
  10. I'm up for it , will take me several months to save. It will be the definitive book on British Battledress, over 20 years research from a noted collector and editor of the Formation Sign. He has sourced material from valued researchers and collection. Can't wait. Phill
  11. Thanks Lars The investigation continues. Phill
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