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  1. Glad to seethe Luftschutz lids getting a little more appreciated.
  2. Fine capture piece, as evidenced by the ' MUM'. Most vet returns are scrubbed of this marking. This one may have been picked up prior to VJ Day
  3. Many thanks for the speedy replies. It is of a displayable size, so that is what I will do
  4. K98 used the famous 8mm AFAIK. the captured 98 pattern rifles from other countries were 8mm as well. 2d and 3d echelon troops could have been issued rifles in 8mm Lebel, 6.5 Italian, 7.5 French or even 7.62 Rimmed Russian. Have seen photos of TR troops with US small arms as well
  5. This one is red, but has the black iron cross in the center. Flag is about 3 x 5 feet, has brass grommet in each corner. Never seen one that wasn't adorned with the s.......a. Very Nice condition and colors.
  6. Do you think Norway has disposed of everything the Wehrmacht left behind ?? I have been lookin for a Norwegian converted K 98 for years. and years.
  7. All I ever got was cat stained furniture. Good on you!
  8. That is a new one for me, may even be a D Day souvenir. Those guys were picking up that stuff as soon as they could..
  9. The TR trainers are wonderful to shoot. I had a very nice trainer made by Walther that was complete to the aluminum rack tag and sling. I quit shooting it, as I didn't want to break any parts
  10. Is there. any thing that hasn't been faked ?? It used to be that forgeries were more easily detected, but with this many fakes of all types of gear it must amount to at least more than a " cottage industry" Is it EL CHAPO /
  11. Well, how is this for a scenario ? Reporter takes multiple photos of the vet holding different relics. Snaps one of the GI holding a TR blade. Vet obliges, pics get printed w/o verification Did the vet his knife back? or did he think that was it ??? Food for thought
  12. In the 80's the Russians released many thousands of. TR captured K98s that had been refinished and were stored in salt mines. Originally selling for about 100.00. dollars US they are somewhat elusive here and approach 500.oo US The RC Lugers and P 38s are also very desirable. If Putin. lets these go.Just apply the maxim, Buy 'em cheap, and stack 'em deep.
  13. Hello. I am no expert on blades. but it appears in the photo of the ex paratrooper that he is holding a German bayonet, which were produced without muzzle rings, in a fiberglass OD scabbard of a length that might accommodate a bayonet. GI trench knives M 3. had blades that were shorter than bayonet blades, and were originally issued with leather scabbards. Newspaper error ?
  14. Very well made, solid pistols. Not a bad choice for a carry arm.
  15. SOME REALLY. interesting photos. Love the old Zundapp and BMW bikes. Had the pleasure of owning an R69S. around 1972. , super beautiful ride and dependable. Germany depended on these for a variety of missions. I can't say for certain but I believe there was an auto biography published concerning a BMW rider in Russia during WW II.
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