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  1. Thanks but it's a WW2 era helmet. 1943 dated shell.
  2. The way it's constructed looks like a last ditch bayonet with steel bands holding everything together. It has steel bands on the sheath as well under the canvas cover (I can feel them). The blade is a regular shin gunto. The tsuba is just a steel disc. I've never seen another one like it, is it last ditch or something assembled post war from parts? Does anyone know what it is and if it was something made during the war was the handle covered with something originally. The termite damage and color makes me think that at one point the handle had something over it.
  3. Picked up some stuff at the flea market the other day, mostly US and of no concern (ribbons, canteens and common gear). I know that stuff well enough to spot a fake way off. German Badges on the other hand, I have been fooled before and that was 10 years ago when I actually kept up on the stuff. I know fakes have come a long way since then so I figured a second opinion would be a smart move before I tried to sell or trade them. They look pretty good to me all be it not in the best of condition, the infantry badge is repaired and several other badges have rust and oxidation.
  4. I found this a while back and kept it as I don't have any other German helmets anymore. is there anyway to research the name?
  5. I saw that in the book but it said they have the police flower on them and this one doesn't. I actually couldn't find anything in Dawson's book that matches it.
  6. First before I start I rewraped the handle, when I got it the original wrapping was gone as was much of the skin and the wood was broken in several places and held together with tape with a large piece missing as well as a small piece. I repaired the wood and to keep it from braking again I wrapped it up. I did a very crappy job of wrapping it and am fully aware of this. If this turns out to be something worth fixing I will probably pay a professional to do it right but for the time being it's got a junk handle. On to the sword, the blade is not machine made or at least not just a stampede out
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