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  1. Thanks for posting the District identification, this should be very helpful for Collector of RAD related militaria. CDub
  2. G, one of the finest RAD Collection I’ve seen CDub
  3. The patch on the right sleeve is European Civil Affairs (CAD), it appears to be English made silk patch. Some of the Force 134 British components were 1st Airborne, 1st SAS Bde, Norwegian Indep Coy 1, Norwegian Indep Para Coy, 50th Northumbrian Div, 304th Indep Inf Bde, 88 Group RAF and other support units. CDub
  4. Here is some info about the UK Territory District North Midland District (Northern Command) The figure of Robin Hood on green background was the appropriate badge of North Midland District, which included Sherwood Forest within its boundaries, the HQ was based in Nottinghamshire and the county regiment was the Sherwood Foresters. The badge remained in use after WW2. Northern Command Training Centres: Between 1941 and 1943, each regional command of the British Army formed at-least one training centre which trained those recruits preparing to mo
  5. Here is another KILLER example of Very SCARCE Italian made 78th Inf Div badge. Unit fought with great distinction in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy for 1942 - 45. During the Battle of Monte Cassino, Fusilier Frank Jefferson of the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers was award to divisions third Victoria Cross (ie. VC) in May 1944. The 78th Div is regarded as one of the best divisions of the British Army during WWII. 78th earned the nickname "Battleaxe Division". CDub
  6. There are many variations of FS from Ordnance issue to Private purchase to Theatre made badges. I’ve always liked a theatre made badges. The badge with Robin Hood is North Midland District. CDub
  7. The SAS FAKES in post 1, 2 & 3 have recently surfaced on a UK Dealer website. https://www.sargentmilitaria.com/shop.php?ps=1&pg=1#prettyPhoto I would stay clear of these trash bin items unless you’re looking to get burnt......... CDub
  8. For Aussie patches, this is a excellent Reference Guide Distinguishing Colour Patches of the Australian Military Forces 1915-1951 by Keith Glyde CDub
  9. Here are some better images for those who haven't handled or seen these wings before. All Rhodesian insignia are reproduced and there is certain aspects Originals have that one must be familiar with to acquire a Legit piece. CDub
  10. Here is a KILLER example of Very SCARCE Italian made 46th Inf Div badge. Unit is very famous for the hard fighting throughout the Italian Campaign, at places such as the Salerno Landings and the Battle of Monte Cassino. CDub
  11. Glad you found the information helpful CDub
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