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  1. Those are nice. I have 2 blades,scabbards and cloth cases. No hilts. Rich A. in Pa.
  2. Thanks. I got more stuff. Rich A. in Pa.
  3. Got this stuff. Japanese civil helmet,Navy saki bottle,saki cups,soldier bags,rank tabs,pilot wing,assault boat pilot wing,cotton flag,Type-4 grenades. Rich A. in Pa.
  4. RRA227

    Beretta miniature

    Never seen one before. Rich A. in Pa.
  5. Nice. With holster yet. Rich A. in Pa.
  6. Nice Cups. Here are mine. Rich A. in Pa.
  7. Never seen that before. Rich A. in Pa.
  8. Nice flags. Rich A. in Pa.
  9. Nice. Yours have the knots. Rich A. in Pa.
  10. We had the surplus stuff also at The Great War Store in Allentown,Pa. when I helped there. Rich A. in Pa.
  11. Nice bayonets. Rich A. in Pa.
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