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  1. Got this stuff. Mess kit with ink stamp,2 civil helmets,red cross flag,off to war banner,Type-4 grenades. Rich A. in Pa.
  2. Thanks. It is ink stamped on the bottom. I will post more stuff then. Rich A. in Pa.
  3. Got this Japanese stuff. 1944 gas mask bag,1943 mess kit,2 pair leggings,soldiers bag,bandages,Type-4 grenade bodies. Rich A. in Pa.
  4. Great display. Rich A. in Pa.
  5. Thanks. It is about 75cm. wide by about 3 meters long. Rich A. in Pa.
  6. Got this Japanese stuff. Uniform coat 1943 dated and named,1938 civilian gas mask bag,Type-4 grenades,Off To War banner,saki warmers and cups. Rich A. in Pa.
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