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  1. Thanks. These are the only photos of Germans. Others are sailors,ships,shrines. I have no idea what is written on the photos. Rich A. in Pa.
  2. 2 photos from a Japanese W.W.2 sailor's photo album. Rich A. in Pa.
  3. RRA227

    Exports From China

    Exports from China. PolyTech Legened AK-47S with Norinco mag and Soviet case. Norinco 213 Tokarev 9m.m. pistol. Just did the 6 month cleaning/oiling. Rich A. in Pa.
  4. Thanks. I told the guy to tell the guy that I will buy all of the stuff he has. I may get more. Rich A. in Pa.
  5. Got this Japanese stuff. Type-4 grenades,Navy Officers hat,tray,gloves,bag,papers. Rich A. in Pa.
  6. Nice. Do not see a lot of them. Rich A. in Pa.
  7. That is a great piece. Rich A. in Pa.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Rich A. in Pa.
  9. RRA227

    Italian WW2

    Nice. Rich A. in Pa.
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