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  1. Back to where it all began in 2014. Back to where I could find the first half marks. It's not like that in the last 6 years we haven't come back to this point every now and then. And every now and then you could still find a coin. So I was all the more surprised that there was a piece of identification tag lying open on the meadow. Enjoy watching, AB45
  2. The gravedigger believes that there are 1 adult and 1 adolescent. There can be more. You will have to dig deeper there. The gravedigger thanked us. And we are happy that a few nameless people are getting their last rest. AB45
  3. Unfortunately, that too. Looted war dead, probably a few years ago. When we found a skull in the forest. We called a gravedigger.
  4. 75 years untouched in the ground. Rare Rifle 41 (W)
  5. The forests are so plundered in many places that you can no longer find a coin or button. The weapons or parts of them and full cartridges are often left behind.
  6. Hy Now I also took the opportunity to drive into the 9th Army cauldron. In the woods around Halbe, Märkisch Buchholz and the outbreak of the 9th Army. 75 years after the end of the war and 30 years of treasure hunters, probably from all over Europe. Not much left today. The forests are huge and look the same everywhere, have fun walking.
  7. Paul Merkens, Düsseldorf Dr. Franke & Co, G.M.B.H. Lüdenscheid Ernst Scheiter, Eibenstock Heinrich Vogt, Pforzheim Danner, Mühlhausen Th. Robinson, Oberstein / Nahe Overhoff CIE, Lüdenscheid Adolf Besson, Schwäb. Gmünd Voss & Co, Essen Ossenberg - Engels, Iserlohn R. Sieper Söhne, Lüdenscheid
  8. 1. Mai, 1935 ? Wächter & Lange, Mittweida i. SA Jörgum & Trefz, Frankfurt a. M. Deschler & Sohn, München 9 Gebrüder Fest, Hanau
  9. I do not think so. The spoons and the logo of the Henneberg company are already original. But please, how could someone have produced something if the German Air Force dropped tons of bombs on Warsaw. In 1936, the production of stainless steel cutlery began under the "Nikora" brand; the new product segment developed very successfully. [1] In 1938, 160 workers were employed. 90% of the factory was destroyed during the Second World War. Nationalization and reconstruction followed. In January 1965 the company was merged with the former Józef Fraget factory to form Warszawska Fabryka Platerów HE
  10. Hy It's good when after many years, what belongs together comes together. In that case, almost the other half of an identification tag. Of which I was able to find the top half years ago.
  11. Wrong needle system and without Ges. Gesch. Copy
  12. Air Force finger ring for a corporal of the San troop. silver-plated finger ring, in the center of the enamelled dark blue collar tab as corporal with 3 wings, stamped on the inside, ring size 20 mm, weight 6.23 grams, The ring should have an 835 hallmark. https://www.philipp-militaria.com/archivearticles/Fingerring-Luftwaffe-Fingerring-fuer-die-San-Truppe-1546851177.html
  13. The HK was also seen as a symbol of good fortune by the National Socialists. So there are various small badges, the HK as the shining sun, which outshines everything. Well, a horseshoe and a shamrock would have looked pretty stupid The 45th I.D. not to be forgotten before 1939
  14. HY Two seekers, two half brands. That's the way it has to be. And so the year ends for us with another small video. The Landsschützen unit is once again a top find for me. The unit was rebuilt in 1944 as a replacement and training unit because it had been completely shot on the western front. Started for the main defense of Würzburg in 1945. 1000 out of 3000 soldiers died. He survived the war and found himself in a POW camp. Finding something from my home in Lower Franconia is an exciting find of the year for me, of course. Gruß AB45
  15. Hy Last night with storm gusts This beautiful former pin of a glider pilot's badge, dug out of the NSFK (C - exam) With the wind and weather, I definitely earned it Gruß AB45
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