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  1. I was told these small colorful canteens were used by children. The kanji on the cap is worn off, any further information would be appreciated!
  2. Just received this today, stamps and date on the canteen are well defined (Showa 19 = 1944?) and there is a faded stamp on the carrier strap. As I understand, late model canteens had no leather straps or metal buckles on the carrier. Any help learning more would be appreciated!
  3. Great flag! I'm a novice with these, but if this is fake, it sure fooled me!
  4. That was my understanding, hinomaru was the plain national flag as opposed to one with writing (hinomaru yosegaki), or the "Rising Sun" battle flag (Kyokujitsu-ki). Being as it is a WW2-era flag, it will work in my wartime display. Thanks for the information!
  5. I must not understand the terminology, "The national flag of Japan is a rectangular white banner bearing a crimson-red disc at its center. This flag is officially called Nisshōki, but is more commonly known in Japan as Hinomaru. It embodies the country's sobriquet: Land of the Rising Sun."
  6. You know the Germans had to be severely disappointed under Soviet control when their Lugers, PPKs, and P38s were taken away and they were given antique revolvers made in 1928 from an 1895 design!
  7. That's a great flag! The 33rd ID was the Illinois National Guard, and it looks like IL is well represented on there.
  8. Thanks! That's what I figured as well, but with so many reproductions of everything out there it's nice to know you can still get original wartime flags for $20.
  9. This is described as a “imon bukuro” bag? I’m not super familiar with Japanese items, I assume it’s like a ditty bag? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. I'm sure this happened quite a lot. A US Marine being involved with a girl whose last name is Tojo must not have been very acceptable at the time.
  11. No bayonet just yet, that would be a nice addition to it. Old post, but EG bayonets can still be had pretty cheap, search "East German AK knife" on Numrich Gun parts website.
  12. Seemed like most of the equipment, uniforms, and insignia of the NVA ended up in the US in the early 90s! I found enough stuff while cleaning my garage to fill a tote.
  13. Thanks! I remember there was a surplus place in Raleigh NC called GI Locker that sold USSR and East German militaria (and they had a ton of it), pretty sure I got these there in the early 90s. I still have their business card and in the days before GPS, there was a hand drawn map on the back so you could find them!
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