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  1. That is pretty rare to have an ID'ed cross. Pretty slick. -SKi
  2. You are either really old or somebody in your family line had a kid when he was in his 60's. A great grandfather even born in 1842 would require some seriously late child rearing right along..... -Ski
  3. Thanks for the link. All this popped up after I had traded the sword away. It certainly looks to be post-war. Thanks for the correction! -Ski
  4. Where? Mine came straight from the vet who was with the 81st ID in WWII. Where? Mine came straight from a vet who served in the 81st Infantry Division. I got the sword and a rifle that he personally brought back. I don't doubt that there were swords made as souvenirs, but that doesn't explain mine. In addition, a particular mention of these late war swords was made in Fuller's Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945. I will say that my sword did not have the kanjes on the blade, but did have the arsenal stamp. That is the only detail I see that is different. -Ski
  5. I had one of these before and did a lot of research on it. It looks correct for a late war Kai-gunto. By 1944, the Japanese started combining details of these swords out of economy by using army fittings and doing away with the shark skin same on the handle. This one looks identical to the one I had in the details, it should be good to go. They are not hard to find per say, but nice nonetheless. You won't find them fetching too high of a price as people continually search for ancestral blades or early war examples instead of late war issue items which lack that quality to them. -Ski
  6. A very nice grouping indeed! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Pretty slick! Those have to be pretty scarce. Thanks for sharing. -Ski
  8. A nice addition for sure. It looks like you were able to find the highly elusive intact records file for him. Well done! -Ski
  9. Well, first step is to break down the letters. I see RKBC or something like that..... -Ski
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