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  1. Thank you all very much for the valuable information about the set and it's value, I greatly appreciate it! I certainly learned a good bit about the set, especially how the value can be affected missing that small twisted piece. Unfortunately there's no history behind it or vet provenance, it came by itself out of a consignment auction house in Amarillo.
  2. Thank you both very much for the comments. They had $20 on it so I decided to take the chance, certainly glad I did. I will probably sell it as is, let someone who collects Canadian militaria and knows what they're doing restore the buttons and leather.
  3. I picked this up at a local antique store assuming it was WWI or WWII era. Since then I’ve had a few people identify it as a WWI Canadian general services visor. Apart from that I don’t know much about it. It is missing it’s leather sweatband as well as the chinstrap and buttons. The wool is in quite good condition and the cap badge looks to have been on for a long time. Any further information or comments are very welcome. I’ll likely be selling it in the near future as it’s not my collecting area, and any ideas as to its value would also be appreciated.
  4. CORRECTION: In the title I meant post-war de-nazified, not post-war fallschirmjäger badge.
  5. I picked this fallschirmjäger badge up at a local auction. I’m primarily a U.S. militaria collector and I know just enough about German militaria to be dangerous. I believe the badge and case are original to each other. I have not yet been able to identify the maker and approximate date of manufacture. The main condition issue is that at some point post-WWII the swastika clasped by the eagle. Looking closely at the cut and grind marks I believe that it was removed a long time ago and not a recent attempt to be PC. I know next to nothing about this badge but for the price I knew I couldn’t pass it up. Due to college I’m likely looking at selling the piece, and any help with an approximate value would be very appreciated!
  6. This patch is part of a U.S.A.F. officer group who was a Vietnam vet. I’ve been trying the identify it and figure out why it’s with the group, but so far I haven’t had any luck with the I.D. I may be missing something obvious but any help identifying this patch would be greatly appreciated!
  7. It certainly would be nice to be able to afford a decent quality K98 and Luger before I'm 30, but I suppose that's wishful thinking for now.
  8. Beautiful uniform, I can't say I've ever seen one in detail.
  9. "ЛОМОНОСОВСКОЕ МОР. УЧ. ВМФ" It should translate to "Lomonosov Maritime/Naval/Nautical School of the Navy" This was done strictly with google so there's most certainly better means of translation but I hope this helps.
  10. Excellent example. The interior looks like a primitive version of the velcro padding now common in U.S. helmets.
  11. Very nice photograph. I can't quite recognize the breed, is it a German Shepherd or maybe a Belgian Malinois?
  12. Good Evening, I've been a member of the U.S. Militaria Forum and are looking forward to learning more about U.S., as well as foreign militaria! -McDermut
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