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  1. Great captured belt set, dont see those canteens to often.
  2. Very nice, finding great deals in the woodwork is always fun.
  3. Here is a DS OIF era Iraqi pile cap in my collection, it seems this was used during DS a lot but this particular one was a OIF bring back.
  4. Angola war SWAPO T shirt I just got I was told was a bring back by a South African special forces soldier. Ryan
  5. Great shirts Bob thanks for sharing. -Ryan
  6. Thanks all for the replies, I am aware of the tri color shield being there but I thought the decal on my helmet looked a little different like it was somthing else, but maybe im just seeing things.
  7. Here is my only used rhodesian army shirt in my collection, made by paramount, has A+ and 121 written on the front on each side. No history on this piece.
  8. Picked this Japanese helmet up a few months ago, my first battle damaged one, looks to have been a navy helmet as there is evidence of an anchor on the front. Looks like the bullet came straight out the bottom through the top of the helmet so maybe a suicide but there is no direct history on this piece.
  9. Picked this helmet up, looks like a regular German eagle shield on the one side but on the other there looks to be evidence of some decal that was scratched off? Not sure what that could be. No history on this helmet.
  10. Great collection of items, really like your swords.
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