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  1. as the others have said the buttons make it a post 52 jacket, Its a strange combination queens crown buttons but kings crown brevet @scarecrow you're most correct the 47pattern is when the 4th button became flat
  2. If its got a 4th brass button then your looking at wartime production if it has a flat plastic then its post war, the other thing to check is what crown is on the buttons looks like the Brevet has the kings crown, the buttons should have the same
  3. very nice jacket I would suspect that he served in Palestine either before the war or shortly after for him to get the General service medal. Best bet to find a potential name is to go through the London gazette for all recipients of the DSO in the RAF https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research/research-guides/british-military-gallantry-medals/ Edit - forgot to ask under the belt is it another brass button or is it a flat plastic one just helps with aging the jacket
  4. starting left to right: Irish guards Irish guards Lancashire fusiliers welsh guards royal irish Irish guards
  5. it is indeed all parts of the Finnish lahti pistol attached is a full set up
  6. Thats a brilliant jacket Paul. its interesting to see the lack of eppaultes on your other one heres my closest an eto jacket belonging to an american who had faught with the raf prior to 43
  7. Allans spot on a modern day example is the foreign awards from the 91 first gulf war british troops were allowed to recieve them but not wear, in comparison the us troops added them to their racks there are examples from both wars getting French and Belgium awards I've never seen a ribbon bar worn on a jacket but they have been part of groups in full size
  8. is there a makers label inside would be interested to know
  9. could be looking at a soldier moving units clearly hes got gebirgsjager links but with the advanced commando course qual and the paratrooper qual and the SSI as a shield rather than oval would imply that either he started off as a para and became a mountain man or vice versa
  10. interesting jacket the BW gebirgsjager jackets didnt have any lower pockets. any sign of buttons under the eppaulets and any sign of tresse around the collars as its an nco it should have bronze colour tresse
  11. top two are grenadier guards
  12. royal army ordanace korps
  13. bottom two are british life guards no1 uniform buttons
  14. brilliant good job Jerry can't wait to see the whole bar
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