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  1. I'm would guess this was pre WWII. It's a really interesting piece. Can anybody help translate? Thanks.
  2. I found this today and need some help. What is the makers mark? Opinions on the Tsuba. Thanks for the help.
  3. No numbers and no makers marks. Just tool marks from carving.
  4. You again? This husband & wife dealer duo had some really interesting items but they were pricey on 95 percent of their pieces. I managed to cherry pick some nice mistakes.
  5. Wasn't sure where to post this bust so here it is. I found it on a trip to Florida at a small show. Nice Black Forest folk art carving of Kaiser Wilhelm I. It measures approximately 10 1/4 inches (26cm) tall with excellent detail. I was unable to find any kind of comparable. Any help and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Recently, I purchased some items from a US Air Force Navigator who served in WWII - Vietnam. I bought a footlocker which contained 3 Vietnam period party suits (posted in the US Militaria Forum), some silly halloween costumes and this Pelzmutze cap. Family kept all the really wonderful things but let this stuff go due to the fact they thought it was worthless costume pieces. I realize this is not cloth but thought this was a good place to list it.
  7. Thanks to both. A huge help. I was going to make an offer but now if I do, my price will be very low.
  8. Trying to help a friend ID a WWII bring back. These are the only pictures I have. The scabbard is wood, the Tsuba is missing and the blade is in OK condition. Can anybody tell me about the markings on its tang? Thanks.
  9. I have been trying for many years to ID this trophy. It's very heavy and measures approximatley 400mm (13 inches) tall. The trophy depicts a sword with anchor in a wave. The back is stamed MADE IN FRANCE plus the other stamp I show in the scans. Any ideas? French Military? French Navy/Marines? Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the response. I thought the same thing, however, Laos uses the three elephant heads on a large staggered base with a single staggered crown. The three elephant heads I have seen on Thai pieces show the three elephant heads on a flat base with three individual crowns. I think the answer will rest with the twisted letters in the center of this badge. Or maybe I'm just over thinking this.
  11. Hello to all, I need some help identifying this badge. I believe it is Thai. It measures 42mm tall and 33mm wide. It has very nice detail. Am I correct about Thailand? Unit insignia? What period? Thanks for your help.
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