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    French Foreign Legion, British Army WW1 & WW2, Imperial Germany (especially Kolonial: Schutztruppe, Tsingtau), All countries naval cap tallies, camouflage from foreign countries, Free-France (2GM), All navies, warships... Aircraft... it is endless..! Also, of course, Hawaii militaria of all eras from the Monarchy to present.

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  1. Saw the news about this former defense chief of Mexico involved with the cartels. I noticed his cap has the cockade and gold eagle with a serpent. Perhaps the helmet is an officer's?
  2. There's not much in the way of reference for Mexican stuff. In my opinion it could be ok. The insignia is different from the one I have (shown in a different thread) but that doesn't mean they didn't have different ways to badge-up over the years. Does the gold eagle & snake badge bend or conform with the helmet like you would expect or is it flat? If it's possible to take it off without too much fuss does it look like it's been on there a long time? The motive for humping-up a Mexican Adrian is low compared to TR or US helmets.
  3. This is what the label says: 1st line: Company ( or partnership) of Ibn Fernas al-'Aamat 2nd line: Written sequence (not filled in) 3rd line: Date (not filled in) Doesn't answer the which country question. If there was a way to track down the manufacturer (Ibn Fernas al-'Aamat) then might get the answer.
  4. 2nd REI 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (French Foreign Legion) distinctive insignia 1946-57. http://foreignlegion.info/history/2rei/ Don't know if it's a restrike or not. Can usually tell from the back.
  5. I believe this sort of bachi was worn well after WW2. It does seem to be out of place for 1986 on though. I couldn't find any other Lapérouse other than the ones already mentioned. Possibly the tally is not original to this cap.
  6. Laid down on 11 June 1985 and launched on 15 November 1986, the hydrographic vessel Lapérouse entered into service on 20 April 1988.
  7. Countries south of the US border with national flags with 3 vertical bars as shown would be Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. I can't quite make out the roundel insignia under the wing but if it is a white star within a circle with a dot in the middle, it's probably Guatemalan. Guatemala Peru
  8. The yellow-white-red ribbon with the two crowns is the San Marino order of Saint Agatha, knight grade (lowest of five grades). I don't know what the crowns represent. It was awarded to foreign nationals who have positively contributed charitable and other services to the benefit of the republic and deserving recognition. Maybe the crowns indicate it was actually the Grand Cross? (highest of the five grades). The reference I'm looking at has a rossette with gold "wings" on either side for the Grand Cross ribbon. Maybe this took the place of the crowns when they went communist after WW2? Don't k
  9. That thing on top kind of looks like a Rhodesian bird.
  10. This one looks like the ones worn in 1978 Kolwezi in the Congo.
  11. Here's another with an intact para flap on the back. This wasn't pictured in post #6 above.
  12. The one on the right above. This one has trousers with suspenders.
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