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    French Foreign Legion, British Army WW1 & WW2, Imperial Germany (especially Kolonial: Schutztruppe, Tsingtau), All countries naval cap tallies, camouflage from foreign countries, Free-France (2GM), All navies, warships... Aircraft... it is endless..! Also, of course, Hawaii militaria of all eras from the Monarchy to present.
  1. The yellow-white-red ribbon with the two crowns is the San Marino order of Saint Agatha, knight grade (lowest of five grades). I don't know what the crowns represent. It was awarded to foreign nationals who have positively contributed charitable and other services to the benefit of the republic and deserving recognition. Maybe the crowns indicate it was actually the Grand Cross? (highest of the five grades). The reference I'm looking at has a rossette with gold "wings" on either side for the Grand Cross ribbon. Maybe this took the place of the crowns when they went communist after WW2? Don't know, just speculating. San Marino was liberated by the British Army in September 1944 - 4th Indian Division, Royal Lincolnshire, York & Lancs, Queen's Own Camerons, 1/9 Gurkhas, 4/11 Sikh. I was thinking maybe this American ribbonholder must have come later during the occupation, before the Korean War. Nice ribbons. Jon.
  2. That thing on top kind of looks like a Rhodesian bird.
  3. This one looks like the ones worn in 1978 Kolwezi in the Congo.
  4. Here's another with an intact para flap on the back. This wasn't pictured in post #6 above.
  5. The one on the right above. This one has trousers with suspenders.
  6. OK, thanks. Here's the left one:
  7. Owen, I did indeed take a few pictures. It was back in the late 1980s. I have to find them. Somewhere in boxes full of pics in my garage. So easy now with digital cameras in every phone. Question regarding your pic above: What's the significance of the back pocket on the smocks? Early versions? I have about 9 sets and none have a back pocket. I figure they all came from later, Algerian War era? Surplus for the Israelis? Thanks, Jon.
  8. Nice smocks Owen! Always my favorite camo pattern. Years ago my collector friends & I went up in the hills of central Oahu to see which camo pattern was the best. We had, besides French TAP, US ERDL, Sateen greens, Portuguese colonial, Belgian, VN Tiger Stripes & WW2 US green-side-out camo. Central Oahu is lush with all kinds of green foliage but also has a lot of iron in the soil making for red earth colors as well all kinds of different greens. Hands down the best pattern, at least for this location, was the French. Portuguese came a close second. The worst was the solid green. Stood out like a sore thumb compared to all the camo patterns. Jon.
  9. Something in my memory says Indonesia but then when I googled that country's insignia nothing comes up.
  10. Bob, That's a great book with awesome photos. Tiger41, thanks for sharing that great story. Jon.
  11. Thanks Eric! I wonder if this was a proto JMSDF cap or actually some other kind of organization.
  12. Wake 41, A long-time acquaintance of mine who has been dealing with militaria for years told me that when he was taken on a tour of stored surplus Mexican weapons and small-arms, he saw stuff that would knock your socks off from almost everywhere in the world. Jon.
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