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  1. That is a nice uniform grouping. The newest wedge-cap is indeed an Association cap in this case for the RCAF. Your Battle of Britain book was part of the wartime British Information Series of books which were published for general information on the war in; the UK, Canada and the United States. Your copy was obviously published North American and dates from 1941.
  2. Pretty interesting as that early drone was the Canadian Canadair CL-89.
  3. That is very nice FWW repro movie kit. I like the repro uniforms in 1917 and think that they look accurate enough to place on a mannequin. Here is an image of a 90% original set of 1908 Pattern Web with Dismounted Messtin and I think it will give you an idea of how the Bayonet and Helve Carrier are attached to each other.
  4. Most of the European Battalions had unique badges and I managed to collect a few different ones while I was in theatre, this one was from the Polish.
  5. French Army fob badge, United Nations, I am guessing Signals (Transmissions) serving with the United Nations Protection Force (FORPRONU in French) in the Former Yugoslavia around 1994. Interesting badge as I served for 12 months with UNPROFOR HQ in Zagreb from May 1993 to May 1994 and got to travel throughout the whole region during my deployment and visited many of the UN Battalions from the Canadians, British and French to the Nigerians, Turkish, Argentinians, Nepalese and Russians to name but a few. Interesting times and something I look back on with pride.
  6. Here is a quick search clue, the answer was right in front of you; 1. Read the printed markings on the cartridge. 2. Convert Inches to mm to check you ruler findings and reread the markings on the cartridge. 3. Artillery is usually classified by the mm of the bore of the gun and many Asian guns are known by the Type such as 59. Go ahead, give it a try and enjoy the fun of learning about artillery.
  7. By adding a clasp fastener it has been converted into a sweetheart pin.
  8. The fastener also indicated that It is a sweetheart pin and not a uniform item.
  9. SWW RCAF shoulder badge worn outside of Canada.
  10. The Waistbelts are hiding in collections.
  11. The British Airborne Denison Smock is post-SWW.
  12. Go visit Fred Jones at the 'For Freedom' Museum in Ramskapelle (just outside of Knokke-Heist) he can help you out and give you some sound guidance. Tell him Ed Storey sent you.
  13. Most likely a sweetheart pin and not a uniform item.
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