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  1. Thanks Michael so the owners name is KO OSTSU
  2. Thankyou Sarge I agree that we couldn’t verify when it was added
  3. As always Michael you bring a wealth of information !! so this is a combat cap which is good - looking forward to knowing what the kanji reads inside thanks again
  4. Here is a cap I purchased recently from a friend. can anyone give me more info and maybe translate the kanji. also opinions as to where it was made, no stitching on the bill and no vent holes thanks D
  5. Any opinions on the jacket insignia
  6. Thankyou Rod - no information on this one, came out of a Huge50 year collection. I just liked the name written on the side
  7. Black light test does this look ok - nothing glowing
  8. I shall look in the morning
  9. Thanks for the info Rod , the Attached insignia does look to be big loose stitches as on mine. Strong to stay on, easily removed. But not a tack Stitch with regards to the Tsubo tsu Tai (Unit) is there any info on this unit. Where they fought etc
  10. Quite easily one of my favorite pieces, with the hand written name on cover
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