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  1. So my stitching would be correct
  2. Thanks ! seeing As it’s period and pacific made I’ll hold onto it
  3. Just got this in from a friend, any help with translation would be great. also is this a bayonet flag TIA
  4. Thanks Michael so the owners name is KO OSTSU
  5. Thankyou Sarge I agree that we couldn’t verify when it was added
  6. As always Michael you bring a wealth of information !! so this is a combat cap which is good - looking forward to knowing what the kanji reads inside thanks again
  7. Here is a cap I purchased recently from a friend. can anyone give me more info and maybe translate the kanji. also opinions as to where it was made, no stitching on the bill and no vent holes thanks D
  8. Any opinions on the jacket insignia
  9. Thankyou Rod - no information on this one, came out of a Huge50 year collection. I just liked the name written on the side
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