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    Medals: Wisconsin , PreNazi German,Swiss, German veterans medals issued in USA, badges of Milwaukee city and county
  1. Have you ever noticed that with coin collectors condition is very important. It is a whole different world with military medal collectors. Medals were meant to be worn so moderate wear is not a negative factor and actually enhances the medal’s historical appeal plus it adds to the authenticity of the medal. The medal here has so much wear that if it were a coin it would be close to a cull. This medal however while lower in monetary value than one in nicer shape still has that historic feel to it and can be handled without worry. Prussia 1813-1814 Campaign Medal This historic 29 mm bronze Prussian 1813-1814 Combatants Campaign Medal (H&S 1330) is made from captured cannon bronze as stated on the edge in the German inscription “AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUTZ” which is still partially visible. The obverse has the Crowned FW monogram and the reverse has the straight arm version of the radiant iron cross with the dates 1813 above 1814 in a wreath. The original owner probably wore this medal until the loop broke off and then carried it as a pocket piece for many years more as evidenced by the medal’s nice even wear. I can just visualize the old veteran limping into the local beer garden and accidentally on purpose letting the others there see the medal in his change pouch when purchasing his beer and then saying something like yah at the battle of Leipzig that’s when we sent old Bonaparte back home.
  2. Thanks Vix! That was a common injury during the Boer War also.
  3. Thanks Ski, Neudorf is so small it is not listed in my Geographical dictionary. On google there is a village listing of less than 300 people.
  4. Almost every time I run into one of these medals it is unlisted and I have a fairly large listing of the known Canadian local issue medals. This one is from Neudorf, Sask. and is named to A. McHardy. The medal is a 10k gold pin back. The design type is the most common of a soldier with rifle and flag background mounted on a beaver top shield. This probably indicates a small town that could not afford any medals not of a stock design. Also Canadian gold medals do not usually indicate a posthumous award as in the United States issues.
  5. General observation regarding German medals; any time you see flat loops like these have you know it is a private issue.
  6. Thanks Rich. I don't think these are actually awards. I am sure these were private purchase items.
  7. Another thing that catches my eye is how often Bavarian groups start off with the Iron Cross instead of their Bavarian medals. This group my be a little more understandable since it was assembled during the Nazi era.
  8. I am often amazed by the haphazard order of the medals mounted in groups. Must be that back then no one really cared? Here is one of my favorite groups. The medals are mounted in the following order using the dates of the medals: 1864, 1871, 1866, 1864, 1898.
  9. Meine Dienstzeit / Meine Rekrutierung Medals As I get older and start down sizing my collection I will write up some of the more interesting items and publish them here. Listed here are three German Imperial era military service medals. Germany had a system of conscripted military service in place even before the unification. The system included training and active duty years followed by time in the active reserves and inactive reserves. Conscripts called their years Meine Dienstzeit ( my time in service). Wealthier individuals who volunteered and paid for their own kits, usually cavalry, got a much better deal with shorter active duty time periods and often referred to their time as Meine Rekrutierung (my recruitment). 1) Meine Dienstzeit medal, bronze with loop circa 1872, 28 mm in diameter. Obverse Kaiser Wilhelm I. Reverse 1870 Iron Cross indicating that this medal was issued to Franco Prussian War veterans whose service ended in the early 1870‘s. 2) Meine Dienstzeit medal in nickel plated bronze with loop circa 1888, 28 mm in diameter. Obverse portraits of the three German emperors: Wilhelm I, Friedrich III, Wilhelm II. The only year that Germany had three Emperors was 1888; Wilhelm I died early in the year and was succeeded by Friedrich III who had terminal throat cancer and sadly only lasted three months. (We can only imagine how much better the world would have been had he lived to old age.) He was succeeded by Wilhelm II who managed to destroy Germany and the old world order in thirty short years. The reverse has the normal inscription with the dates 1887/90. 3) Meine Rekrutierung medal, this one is a shell card which is made of two thin layers of copper metal with a card board center, holed at the top which is normal for these, 28 mm in diameter. Circa 1890. Obverse has a very young portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Reverse has the normal inscription.
  10. Thanks guys. Since I collect in the fringe areas like this it is up to me to share my research.
  11. Wow and I thought I was lucky years ago when I found a WWI small size infantry helmet with grey fittings and no cockades!
  12. Love the noncombatant groups! My favorite is one I saw once that had a US Civil war service medal paired up with a German Franco Prussian War noncombatant medal. The original owner was a young German doctor who came here to get medical experience in our Civil War and then returned to Germany to help out during 1870-71. His widow was still getting his veterans benefits in Germany during WWII !
  13. Neat !! Never saw any of these before! As young kids we played simple versions of the "fox and hens" with old coins on a hand drawn board and game that translates as "don't get mad"
  14. German Franco-Prussian War Related Local Medals By Fred J Borgmann Veterans are pretty much the same all over the world. Most of them whether draftees or volunteers had honorable intentions. Just as universal is the gratitude felt by the civilian populations for their boys in uniform. Often this gratitude is expressed in the form of locally issued medals given to the returning veterans after a war. In the United States locally issued medals peaked after the First World War. In Germany the situation was similar but delayed. The German States and the later united Germany issued large numbers of medals to their troops starting after their “War of Liberation” against Napoleon which was followed by the “Wars of Unification” culminating with the Franco-Prussian War. Just collecting the officially issued medals of the German States for those wars is a major project. With very few exceptions, local issued medals for those wars were not issued to German veterans until 1895-96 on the 25th anniversary of the battle of Sedan and again in 1910 on the 40th anniversary. This burst of patriotism created a vast and often confusing field of medals that still remains virtually unrecognized and uncharted. The confusion stems from the many medals issued to honor the Franco Prussian War anniversaries that were not intended just for the actual war veterans. A collector of the medals will need to be able to read German to tell which are veteran’s medals and which are just patriotic medals. Veterans medals usually include the words Gewidmet, Ihren or Seinen in the inscriptions. Therefore I have compiled a trial listing of these locally issued German veterans medals. Most of this listing has been gleaned from German numismatic auction catalogs over the last forty years. Interestingly the German catalogers do not use a special category for these medals but usually just list them in a medals section by town names along all other medals regardless of theme though some times the medals are listed under the heading of war and peace. German Local Medals to Franco Prussian War Veterans ( A Trial Listing ) ? = does not actually have a “for veterans” type statement on medal which would include the words Gewidmet, Ihren or Seinen in the inscriptions. * = I own one. This listing does not include war anniversary celebration and monument medals. Arlen 1895 Baden-Baden 1896 looped * Bad Kissingen 1895 * Bavaria 1895 Brehna 1895 Bremen 1895 * Brunswick Inf. Regt. No 92 1895 Crimmitschau 1895, two types; only one is definitely for vets. Dusseldorf 1895 * Erlangen 1895 Fischen 1895 * Garmisch 1895 * Gundelfingen 1896 Halle a.S. 1895 * Hanau 1895-1896 Hochst a/Main 1895/96 Holzkirchen 1896 Ingolstadt 1895 * Konstanz 1895 * Laufen 1895 * Leisnig 1895 * Letschin 1910 * Lindau 1895 Oberstdorf 1896* Pappenheim 1895 Perlach 1896 * Plattling 1895 Pless 1895/96 Poppenhausen 1896 Veterans Assoc. issue * Rudesheim 1895 * Rothenbach 1895 * Saarbrucken 1871 school children’s medal * St.Georgen (Bav.) 1895 Schleswig-Holstein 1870/71 gold medal for helping widows and orphans Schoneck 1895 vets issue? * Schopfheim 1895 Thumringen 1895 Thurnau 1895 * Uberlingen 1895 * Viechtach 1910 * Vilich (now Beuel) 1895 * Waldsassen 1895 Weil 1896 * Witten 1895 * Did I miss one or are you unsure of a medal you have? Please share it with us, thank you.
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