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    Medals: Wisconsin , PreNazi German,Swiss, German veterans medals issued in USA, badges of Milwaukee city and county
  1. The one on the left is titled Soldiers Christmas 1940 and was probably part of a fund raising scheme.
  2. The star should have a pin back and was usually worn as such with just the ribbon on ribbon bar.
  3. Nice group. It was common to add veterans group medals to groups since there was no official WWI medal for the Germans until 1934.
  4. Thanks Sarge! The Amer. Legion once bought a restaurant here in my small town that had lots of display cases on the walls. I tried to convince them that Amer. Leg. convention badges would make a very interesting display topic. That was 20-30 years ago when the badges were cheap but sadly, they just flipped the place.
  5. I can add three more to the list; Hamburg 1870 for Christmas to the wounded in Hamburgs military hospitals. Kitzingen 1895 and Lichtenfels 1895.
  6. What queen? Inscription says he was the Crown council or lawyer or solicitor. I would assume for the King of Hannover since he was in their uniform in 1866.
  7. The internet gods have been good to me! In the last two months I have been able to add three more locally issued German Franco Prussian War service medals to my collection at reasonable prices. The first is a silver medal from Kitzingen, Bavaria. This medal came from a German coin dealer which would not be unexpected. The second medal in bronze was issued by the city of Hamburg, Germany in December 1870 as a Christmas gift for the wounded soldiers in the large military hospitals located in Hamburg. This medal was sold by a coin dealer in the Czech Republic. This location is not much of a s
  8. The Hessian medal was established in 1840 and awarded throughout the 1800's
  9. Beautiful positive propaganda cards!
  10. Have you ever noticed that with coin collectors condition is very important. It is a whole different world with military medal collectors. Medals were meant to be worn so moderate wear is not a negative factor and actually enhances the medal’s historical appeal plus it adds to the authenticity of the medal. The medal here has so much wear that if it were a coin it would be close to a cull. This medal however while lower in monetary value than one in nicer shape still has that historic feel to it and can be handled without worry. Prussia 1813-1814 Campaign Medal This historic 29 mm bro
  11. Thanks Vix! That was a common injury during the Boer War also.
  12. Thanks Ski, Neudorf is so small it is not listed in my Geographical dictionary. On google there is a village listing of less than 300 people.
  13. Almost every time I run into one of these medals it is unlisted and I have a fairly large listing of the known Canadian local issue medals. This one is from Neudorf, Sask. and is named to A. McHardy. The medal is a 10k gold pin back. The design type is the most common of a soldier with rifle and flag background mounted on a beaver top shield. This probably indicates a small town that could not afford any medals not of a stock design. Also Canadian gold medals do not usually indicate a posthumous award as in the United States issues.
  14. General observation regarding German medals; any time you see flat loops like these have you know it is a private issue.
  15. Thanks Rich. I don't think these are actually awards. I am sure these were private purchase items.
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