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  1. The ribbon has holes where it was pinned on. It has a vertical pin.
  2. Not sure ? That’s what I was told it said ??
  3. I always liked the Prussian XX year officers cross and been looking for one on a bar ! This one also have in last place the Prussian Landeskriegsvein cross mounted. it was given out for merit in veterans organization in limited numbers . Although not rare at all but I like them mounted ! I assume this bar dated to mid late 20s
  4. Can’t find much info on the Baghdad clasp or on how many Germans fought around there ?
  5. It is very tightly on it . Can’t really pull it loose I assume prongs ? It’s very tight .but not 100% sure ? It seems to have original finish on it not tarnish as I originally thought ?
  6. I was told it says Baghdad. Any info of Germans fighting around Baghdad in wwi ?
  7. A recent find ! I slid a Turkish made star on to ribbon it lined up perfect with marks on medal and ribbons . I was told campaign bar says Baghdad on a Turkish forum .
  8. No dynastic connection I can find ? Could it be a navy guy ?
  9. I assume 1866 hessian but could be earlier? 1870 Prussian steel on ribbon bar (I believe for troops on the border of France ) had to replace kaiser medal .
  10. Some one found him in 1863 list as queens council ?
  11. Found this on a coin collector site ! $40 did not figure it was a named piece ! F Albrecht
  12. Found this on a coin collector site paid $40 figured it was an unnamed one . But it’s named ! Original ribbon is nice also. F.ALBRECHT anyone have the Hannover 1865 state / court handbook to see if he is listed ?
  13. That’s an outstanding bar ! I use to own that exact bar many years ago ! It’s a Near perfect example if I remember right ? One on the nicest non combat bars I ever owned ! Glad it found a good home !
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