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  1. I assume 1866 hessian but could be earlier? 1870 Prussian steel on ribbon bar (I believe for troops on the border of France ) had to replace kaiser medal .
  2. Some one found him in 1863 list as queens council ?
  3. Found this on a coin collector site ! $40 did not figure it was a named piece ! F Albrecht
  4. Found this on a coin collector site paid $40 figured it was an unnamed one . But it’s named ! Original ribbon is nice also. F.ALBRECHT anyone have the Hannover 1865 state / court handbook to see if he is listed ?
  5. That’s an outstanding bar ! I use to own that exact bar many years ago ! It’s a Near perfect example if I remember right ? One on the nicest non combat bars I ever owned ! Glad it found a good home !
  6. No just lifted off ! I think german .
  7. Hmmm I had an ink well looked just like it had glass insert under spike !
  8. Very cool ! I owned one years ago but sadly sold it ! The mountain people were allied with US force they used these not the VC . The one I had came from a co worker who trained the Montagnards .
  9. I believe its an ink well ? Does spike come off ?
  10. Nice ! A Prussian Officer in Baden service ? Or Native Badener in Prussian service ?
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