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  1. Thank you very much, I could not figure out the unit at all. Gary 77th Inf. Div.
  2. Hello, I picked this medal up locally this weekend, but cannot decipher the engraving on the medal which reads to me as "12883 LCpl B. E. Orton C. 8 DS:" . Thanks in advance for any help with this. 77th. Inf. Div.
  3. Thank you Eric! Admin, as this is not military you may remove the posting. 77th Inf. Div.
  4. Hello tiger41, actually that is a lot of help and at least I know it is Japanese in origin. Admin, please move to the correct Japanese section! Thank you, 77th Inf. Div.
  5. Hello, a friend of mine picked up this pin, which I think is Chinese and I am looking for information on the item. Any help will be appreciated. 77th Inf. Div.
  6. Hello, I am looking for more information on the symbols / insignia on the pennant shown from 1965. The item appears to be a Joint US Special Forces / Spanish Special Operations pennant for some sort of joint training or visit with the US flag having the SF patch and the Spanish Flag having their Special Operations insignia. I am interested in what the two center pieces may represent. Any help or information on this would be highly appreciated. Thank you. 77th Inf. Div.
  7. Thank you again, you are a great help! Gary 77th Inf. Div.
  8. Hello, thank you so much. I looked online, at my meager books and such and Ided a few hundred but these had eluded me. The one piece is not a ribbon but more like a large size Australian Formation Sign and I have a used pair of them. Again, I very much appreciate the help and effort. Gary 77th Inf. Div.
  9. And one more, I missed in the group photo. Gary 77th Inf. Div.
  10. Hello, I am trying to identify the following insignia which are part of a large UK / Commonwealth collection. Any help is greatly appreciated. Gary 77th Inf. Div.
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