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  1. This medal came with a small named grouping that belonged to a WWII AAF pilot that served in the CBI. He piloted C46’s in Chabua, India, ATC 1333rd AAFBU. As you can see in the photo, it is numbered (looks like a low number?). The veteran’s name was Pittman. I have seen some medal cases that appeared to be leather. The case this medal came in is a 2 piece plastic case that is also numbered. Are there any records that show a listing of those that were awarded this medal or units that received them? Were all CBI veterans awarded this medal? Thanks...
  2. Here is a close up pic of the stamping. The grommets are made of brass... flag measures approx. 13 x 18 inches.
  3. Can anyone help date this flag? Appears to be an older flag - pre 1965?? Would it be appropriate (age wise) to display with WWII - Korea items? Thanks!
  4. What kind of value do these have...? Is one maker more desirable or worth more? Thanks!
  5. Very nice... I've got one too, I'll take some pics and post
  6. Just came over here from the USMF to see if anyone had an idea of what country this is from or what it is... Made of brass and measures about 6 to 7 inches across. Looks like it was temporarily glued and then screwed in place. Is has a Saudi Arabia looking crest but not exactly the same.... no palm trees. Appears someone liberated it. Thanks for the help!
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